Bunker Hill Community College

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Community Service Pledge

student central logoBunker Hill Community College is committed to providing timely and accurate information to students and to providing welcoming and responsive interactions that exceed students’ expectations.

We pledge to

Listen and Communicate with Respect. We will value student voices. We will acknowledge student concerns, ask questions and act upon information provided to solve problems. We will engage in reflective listening, suspending our judgments and saving our questions until the student has had an opportunity to express the concern or question. We will ensure that all are treated with kindness and empathy in every transaction.

Solve Problems Collaboratively. We will actively involve students in helping to make sense of their issues/concerns; understand applicable college policies, procedures and resources; determine next steps; and decide together upon a course of action.

Be Willing to Take the Extra Step. We will strive to make the student experience as seamless as possible, engaging other staff and offices when necessary to help resolve issues promptly.

To achieve these principles, the College will

Utilize Technology to communicate effectively and promptly with staff and faculty as well as students. An informed campus is a successful campus.

Collaborate across departments to draw on the resources and experiences of our diverse and talented staff and faculty as we strive to improve services and enhance the student experience.

Foster interpersonal relationships within departments and throughout the campus to ensure that staff members understand the many functions and resources of each department, and are able to make relevant referrals when necessary, ensuring a personal handoff whenever possible.