The Writing Place

2 Students

The Writing Place is a tutoring service sponsored by the English Department. Students come to the Writing Place to work with peer tutors on specific writing tasks, including brainstorming ideas for college writing assignments, organizing rough drafts, revising, editing, and doing library research. The Writing Place tutors are students who have successfully completed their College English program and are taking a course that prepares them to provide effective feedback and assistance. Specific materials and computer resources are available in the Writing Place to supplement class instruction and develop composition skills.

The Writing Place schedules students for 30 minute appointments. If you require additional time, please let our staff know at the time you are booking your appointment. There may be instances when our tutors are working with more than one student during a 30 minute time block depending upon how busy the Writing Place becomes. If students are not comfortable sharing their tutoring time with another student, they should inform the Writing Place staff at the time of booking the appointment. While we do try to accommodate drop-in appointments, we strongly encourage students to book tutoring sessions in advance.