Visual & Media Arts

Develop Your Creative Potential

Turn your creativity into a career with BHCC's Visual & Media Arts programs. Choose from Integrated Media Design, Studio Arts or Visual Design.

Visual Design, A.S.

Transform your creativity into a career in Visual Design.

This real-world curriculum will start you on your way to a career in communication design, branding, user experience, and visual storytelling. This program is designed to nurture your creativity and give you a strong foundation in digital tools and problem-solving skills. Develop a portfolio that showcases your abilities, apply for internships and/or entry-level employment, or transfer to a four-year program. Graduates of this program may benefit from transfer agreements with design programs at local four-year colleges. 

Visual Design Program of Study

Studio Arts, A.S.

Develop your unique artistic voice and prepare for a career in the creative economy.

Visual artists, art educators, curators, art entrepreneurs and other creative professionals: get your start through a combination of traditional and contemporary art practices. This program provides a solid foundation in 2D and 3D design skills, drawing, painting, digital technologies and more. Strengthen your studio practice, build a portfolio of artwork, apply for internships and transfer to a four-year program Graduates of this option may qualify to transfer to a four-year state college or University of Massachusetts campus using benefits of the MassTransfer Pathways.

Studio Arts Program of Study

Integrated Media Design, A.S.

Explore digital content creation and prepare for a career in multimedia storytelling. 

This interdisciplinary program introduces foundation skills in photography, audio/video production, visual design, interactive design, motion graphics and social media strategy. Cultivate skills needed for internet content creation, advertising, visual journalism, or a multi-faceted role in a small business environment. Develop work that showcases your skills, apply for internships and/or entry-level positions and transfer to four-programs. 

Integrated Media Design Program of Study

VMA Faculty Advisors are practicing artist who are experts in their field and provide information to students seeking to pursue a career in the visual Arts. Faculty advisors help guide students through their academic career at BHCC by helping students make course selections and answer any questions about the VMA Department. VMA faculty can serve as a mentor and advocate during throughout a student’s academic experience at BHCC. 

Studio Arts

Integrated Media Design

Visual Design

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Christina Hannon joined the Advising & LifeMap team in March 2019. She is a Success Coach/Career Advisor who helps new and continuing students plan for academic success while looking towards the future. Christina can help students plan classes, explore programs, and research careers.

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