Strong communication skills are valued in every career field. Learn hands-on skills through coursework and an internship that will help prepare you for transfer to a four-year school.  The Communication major is well suited for students who are interested in entering a broad range of fields, such as  Advertising, Broadcasting, Business, Communication, Education, Film, Journalism, Marketing, Politics, Public Relations, and Social Media. 

Program Overview

The Communication Major at Bunker Hill Community College is a great first step for students interested in communication-related careers. The Associate in Arts Degree in Communication offers foundational training in communication and prepares students to transfer to four-year colleges, as well as pursue careers in a wide variety of fields. The program offers courses in the dynamic processes of human communication, media, journalism, and more. Communication students will learn to effectively express themselves through writing, speaking, and digital media. Students will also develop their critical thinking, analytic, and technical skills. 

Upon Completion Students will be able to:

  • Have an effective transfer path to a four-year school.
  • Express foundational communication skills, such as public speaking, professional communication, logical argumentation, and critical reasoning.
  • Write for a variety of purposes, adapting to varying audiences.
  • Develop cultural and ethical competency, by engaging in human rights advocacy and effective intercultural communication.
  • Conduct research in the field of communication.
  • Earn hands-on skills in the field of communication through coursework and an internship.
  • Understand the dynamics of communication in a global context.
  • Enter the workforce upon graduation in various fields.


Dr. Donica O'Malley
Communication Department Chair
Office: B300F
Phone: 617-228-1999