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Frequently Asked Questions

You are visiting this page, so you are thinking about studying abroad. It is never too late or too early.

Contact the staff at International Center, Room E236.

The first step should be securing your passport, if you do not have one. Schedule an appointment with an International Student Advisor (phone: 617-228-2460) and we will give you a list of things you should do prior to the Study Abroad program.

Bunker Hill Community College is proud to offer Study Abroad Scholarship to students interested in having the international experience. The Scholarship covers 80 percent of the overall expenses. 

Argentina, Belize, Canada, Costa Rica,  Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Morocco, Namibia, people's Republic of China, Peru, Spain and Scotland. Most of these programs are hosted by community and public colleges around the U.S. through the College Consortium for International Studies (CCIS). The Costa Rica program is led by BHCC science faculty. If you would like to study in a country not listed here, please contact an International Student Advisor for assistance.

Bunker Hill Community College provides funds to enable students to study in another country and to experience a culture different than their own. Programs in 17 countries are available, and students can choose the program of greatest interest to them. The scholarship covers 80 percent of the total cost of the study abroad program.

To qualify for the scholarship you must: Be matriculated in a BHCC degree or certificate program in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters; Have completed (by December 31, 2015) 12 college-level credits of study at BHCC; and Have a G.P.A. of at least 2.7 as of December 31, 2015, be enrolled in Spring 2016 semester, and maintain a GPA of 2.7 through the end of Spring 2016.

The International Center develops budget for each program which include all reasonable expenses:  tuition and fees, room and board, airfare and other transportation, books, personal expenses ($100 per week), and any other costs specific to each program. BHCC will pay 80 percent of the total authorized budget, and the student must cover the remaining 20 percent. BHCC pays all program costs directly to the program facilitator. Right now, only estimated cost is available. At the February orientation, the International Student Advisors will have the final budget breakdown.

Financial aid is available to eligible students; however most students do not apply for financial aid for summer classes. Contact Melissa Holster, Director of Financial Aid, (Room B213) about the availability of financial aid.

The completed application package is due on October 23, 2015 at 5:00 pm at International Center (No extensions unless authorized by International Center, for involuntary emergency, prior to deadline) and must include: A signed application form and a signed Statement of Understanding, an official transcript(s) from Bunker Hill Community College, a statement of purpose, and three references (of which at least one MUST be from BHCC faculty).

Recipients are chosen by a College-wide committee of eight-ten faculty, staff, and former scholarship recipients. Eligible applications are rated by each member as follows:  Statement of Purpose (30 points), References (10 points), Academic Record (five points), and Overall Impression (five points).

Each applicant's average scores are ranked, and the students are interviewed by committee members.  The interview is worth 50 points. Finalists' total scores (application average plus interview average) are ranked.  We anticipate awarding about 35 scholarships. The selection of the scholarship recipients is based upon ranking order. Committee decisions are final and are contingent on students' grade point average after their Spring 2016 semester.

Comply with all requirements of the sponsoring institution, Attend a multi-step orientation program and sign all relevant contracts and waivers, complete an evaluation at the conclusion of the program, write a thank-you letter to the Student Government Association (primary funder), and participate in activities to market next year's scholarship program to BHCC students.

For more information, please attend the Study Abroad Fair TBA. The fair will be in the lobby of the International Center Lobby, E236. See our Study Abroad brochure for more travel and destination details.

Please review carefully the classes offered through a specific program. If you are concerned about the credit transfer, please meet with, Karen Akukwe or Margaret Rubino, Transfer Counselors (Room B202) to discuss the issue. Please speak with one of the Transfer Counselors as early as possible to complete the required paperwork.

There are several countries, in addition to the United Kingdom, where the primary language of instruction is English. You may study at an American University with English being the instruction language or take classes in the language of the destination country if you are proficient. Most of the programs offered through BHCC focus on students acquiring the proficiency in the foreign language.

The accommodations vary from country to country. Depending on a program students can choose between home stay or residence halls. Please review the program overview for details.