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Student Central: Financial Aid, Payment and Records

Student Central offers centralized student services related to Financial Aid, Student Payment, Registration and Academic Records. The Student Central office will open in Fall 2017 in its temporary location, room B235. Once construction is complete, the office will move to its permanent home in the B200 lobby.

In addition to a physical Student Central location, you can access a virtual Student Central from home and after business hours.

Academic Records

The Academic Records Office maintains student academic records, ensures that student rights are protected under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and provides many services that support registration, schedule adjustments, withdrawals, grade processing, transcript requests, program changes, graduation and verification requests.

Adding/Dropping a Class

You may adjust your schedule online via SelfService or in person at Student Central during the registration period or during the schedule adjustment period. After the schedule adjustment period, you may add only courses offered through the Center for Self-Directed Learning or Mini Session II. Refer to the College’s academic calendar for deadlines.

Change of Grades

Students must direct questions regarding grades to the course instructor. The instructor will change final grades only if a clerical error exists. If you feel you have received a grade in error, submit a written request to the instructor for reevaluation. The final decision rests with the instructor. Students may initiate grade complaints no later than 30 calendar days following the last day of the instructional period for which the grade was granted. See Grade Appeals for more information.

Program Changes

If you are thinking of changing your program from one program of study to another, consult your advisor. To make a program change, a completed change of program form must be completed prior to the end of the Schedule Adjustment period.  Forms are available  in Advising & LifeMap. If you receive financial aid, consult with the Financial Aid Office (Student Central) about the financial impact of your decision.

When you change programs, you must fulfill the curriculum year program requirements in effect at the time of the program change.

Note that a program change may increase the time needed for you to complete program requirements for graduation.

Readmission of Degree- and Certificate-Seeking Students

If you are readmitted after an absence of two or more consecutive semesters, you will need to follow curriculum year requirements for your degree or certificate program in effect at the start of the semester of reenrollment.

If you are applying for readmission to nursing and allied health degree or certificate programs, you must meet with the appropriate academic dean, chairperson or program director prior to readmission.

If you are applying for readmission to earn a degree and have

  • officially withdrawn from the College,
  • stopped attending for two consecutive semesters,
  • been academically suspended from the College, or
  • graduated from a degree or certificate program,

you must submit a new application form. You may also need to submit another copy of your high school diploma or GED certificate.

Withdrawal from a Course

You may withdraw from a course only during the semester in which you are registered for the course and must do so by the withdrawal deadline date stated on the academic calendar for that semester. The College does not refund tuition for the course from which you withdraw.  

To withdraw from a course, you must complete and submit a withdrawal form, available at Student Central. After officially withdrawing from a course, your transcript will show a grade of W. The College designates course withdrawals as “uncompleted courses,” which may adversely affect academic standing and financial aid eligibility. Failure to attend or ceasing to attend a class or classes does not constitute official withdrawal and results in grades of F or NA Failure to withdraw formally may affect your academic standing and eligibility to receive financial aid (see Satisfactory Academic Progress).

Withdrawal from the Semester or the College

You may withdraw from the semester only during the semester in which you are registered and by the last day of classes noted on the academic calendar. You do not have to be registered to withdraw from the College. If you withdraw from the semester, you are not entitled to a refund.

To withdraw from the semester or College, you must complete and submit a withdrawal form available at Academic Records (Student Central). If you withdraw from the semester or the College, you will receive a W grade for all courses that semester on your transcript.

Failure to attend or ceasing to attend a class or classes does not constitute official withdrawal from the College and results in grades of F or NA. Failure to withdraw formally may affect your academic standing and eligibility to receive financial aid (see Satisfactory Academic Progress).

If you want to be readmitted to the College after withdrawal and have not registered for courses within the five years since the date of withdrawal, you must submit a new application.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office at Bunker Hill Community College, a division of Student Central, helps you and your family meet the costs of a college education. BHCC participates in a wide variety of federal, state and private financial aid programs. Be aware that all institutions, including BHCC, are subject to changes in funding allocations from both the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States Department of Education.

Through the online services system, you can see and print your financial aid award letters, view current and previous years’ financial aid records and check the status of your current financial aid application. You can find more details on financial aid at BHCC Financial Aid.

Work Study/Employment

Bunker Hill Community College participates in the Federal College Work-Study Program. If you apply for financial aid, you may receive funds from this program if you are eligible. Federal program regulations require that a percentage of these funds be earmarked to community service-related work. Check with the Financial Aid Office in Student Central for a listing of available Work-Study positions.

Student Payment Office

The Student Payment Office, also located within Student Central, is responsible for processing student bills and payments for charges including tuition, fees, health insurance, malpractice insurance (for students enrolled in Health Programs), BHCC ID replacement cards and returned checks.

Outstanding Financial Obligations

If you have any outstanding financial obligations to the College, you are not permitted to register. If you have already registered, you will not be permitted to attend classes or receive grade reports, attendance reports, or transcripts of grades without the final approval of the Bursar.

Bunker Hill Community College is responsible for making “diligent efforts” to collect amounts due to the state, including written bills, dunning notices and subsequent assignments to a collection agency. You are responsible for all collection costs and any fees incurred in the collection of debt and for informing the College of any dispute regarding the debt. The College advises you that your debts may be discharged through the intercept of any other Commonwealth or Federal payments that are due to you or scheduled to be paid to you including tax refunds. You must drop classes in which you are registered either online in Self Service by completing and submitting the appropriate schedule adjustment form during the published schedule adjustment period to receive a refund or not be responsible for the charge.

Please be advised that your student account debt constitutes an “educational benefit overpayment or loan” as defined pursuant to 11 U.S.C. section 523(a)(8), and therefore is not dischargeable in bankruptcy.