Bunker Hill Community College

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Student Handbook Academic Resources

Academic Advising and LifeMap

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/studentlife/advising

PHONE: 617-228-2230 | E235

Academic Records Office

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/studentcentral/academicrecords

PHONE: 617-228-2403 | A300

EMAIL: AcademicServices@bhcc.edu

Admissions and Enrollment Services

WEBSITE: bhcc.edu/admissions

PHONE: 617-228-3398 | A300

PHONE: 617-228-2101 | Chelsea

EMAIL: admissions@bhcc.edu

Assessment Center

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/assessment

PHONE: 617-228-2468 | B118

PHONE: 617-228-2101 | Chelsea


WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/athletics

PHONE: 617-228-3443 | G117

EMAIL: jrossi@bhcc.edu

Academic Innovation and Distance Education (formerly BHCConline)

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/aide

PHONE: 617-228-2466 | H134

EMAIL: onlinehelp@bhcc.edu


WEBSITE:  bkstr.com/bhccstore/home

PHONE: 617-241-5161 | E418

EMAIL: bksbunkerhill@bncollege.com

Campus Police (non-emergencies)

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/publicsafety

PHONE: 617-228-2053 | A200

PHONE: 617-228-3359 | Chelsea

Campus Police (emergency only)

PHONE: 617-228-2222

Career Services Office

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/careerservices

PHONE: 617-228-2245 | E235

EMAIL: careercenter@bhcc.edu

Center for Self-Directed Learning (CSDL)

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/csdl

PHONE: 617-228-2225 | H165

EMAIL: csdl@bhcc.edu

Chelsea Campus Student Access and Success Center (SASC)

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/chelsea/SASC

PHONE: 617-228-3356 | Chelsea

Community Engagement (Service Learning)

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/communityengagement

PHONE: 617-228-3485 | B211B

EMAIL: engagement@bhcc.edu

Disability Support Services

WEBSITE: bhcc.edu/disabilitysupportservices 

PHONE: 617-228-2327 | E222

EMAIL: disabilitysupport@bhcc.edu

Financial Aid

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/financialaid

PHONE: 617-228-2370 | B235

EMAIL: finaid@bhcc.edu

Health Services

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/healthservices

PHONE: 617-228-2274 | E154

International Center

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/internationalcenter

PHONE: 617-228-2460 | E236

EMAIL: international@bhcc.edu

Library & Learning Commons

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/library

PHONE: 617-228-2213 | E300

EMAIL: bhcclibrary@bhcc.edu


WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/mathspace

PHONE: 617-228-2283 | 617-228-3286 | E234a, c, d, e

Single Stop

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/singlestop

PHONE: 617-228-3330 | D206

Student Activities

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/activities

PHONE: 617-228-2260 | D106H

Student Central

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/studentcentral

PHONE: 617-228-2370 | B235

Student Payment Office

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/studentcentral/studentpayment

PHONE: 617-228-2370 | B235

Student Success Program

WEBSITE: bhcc.edu/studentsuccessprogram

PHONE: 617-228-2303 | E236G

EMAIL: TRIO.successprogram@bhcc.edu

Technology Resources

WEBSITE: bhcc.edu/studentlife/technologyresources

PHONE: 617-228-3441 | D111

EMAIL: tlitc@bhcc.edu

Transfer Services

WEBSITE: bhcc.edu/transfer


EMAIL: transferservices@bhcc.edu

Tutoring and Academic Support Center (TASC)

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/tasc

PHONE: 617-228-3467 | E174

Veterans Center

WEBSITE:  bhcc.edu/veterans

PHONE: 617-228-3213 | B206