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Online Winter Session 2020

Complete a course in 2 weeks!

With BHCC’s accelerated online winter session – new for 2020 – you can complete a college course from start to finish in just over two weeks. Whether you’re a current BHCC student or currently enrolled at another college or university, these cost-effective courses are a great way to stay on track with your degree.

Three-credit courses start at just $630 for in-state students. Tuition and fees for Winter Session 2020 are the same as Spring Semester 2020.

Classes are subject to change based on availability. For the most up-to-date availability and to register, please visit BHCCselfservice.

Classes are listed as Spring Semester 2020 with "Location" as "Wintersession Term".

Guest students (not currently enrolled at BHCC) should visit the Guest Student webpage to sign-up for Winter Session Classes.

The Online Winter Session is January 2 – 17, 2020

All courses are online only.

ACC-102 Principles of Accounting II (3 Credits)
Instructor: Tendai Nyakurimwa

This course will expand upon the basic concepts and theories that students learned in the Principles of Accounting I course. Students will be expected to apply their knowledge in a managerial decision-making mode. Areas studied include, but are not limited to, the following: examine long-term assets and liabilities; financial statement analysis; transactions unique to the corporate business structure; bonds payable; planning and controlling using master budgets and cost behavior recognition utilizing cost-volume analysis, as well as gaining exposure to accounting for manufacturers. Prerequisite: Principles of Accounting I (ACC101).

ENG-111 College Writing I (3 Credits)
Instructor: Ashley Paul

This course emphasizes writing as a process, from planning and drafting through revising and editing. Using personal experience, readings, and other sources, students write unified, coherent, well-developed essays and practice paraphrasing, summarizing, and using sources responsibly. To be eligible to take College Writing II (ENG112), students must earn a grade of C or better for this course. The course meets General Education requirement "Academic Discourse". Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Writing Skills II (ENG095) and Academic Reading III (ESL098) or Reading Skills II (RDG095) or placement.

ENG-112 College Writing II (3 Credits)
Two sections are offered.
Instructor: Guixia Yin
Instructor: Proshot Kalami

This course focuses on the research paper, the longer essay, argumentation, critical writing, and reading. The course meets General Education "Research Writing" requirement. Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in College Writing I (ENG111).

FIN-112 Personal Finance (3 Credits)
Instructor: Wissal Nouchriff

An overview of personal financial planning, this course covers the following topics: the intelligent use of consumer credit, budgets, banking, the time value of money, investments, insurance, retirement, and other long-term planning and their tax ramifications. It is intended for students at all levels and for all programs of study.

Winter Session 2020 Calendar

January 2 Winter session classes begin
January 3 Last day for adjusting Winter session schedules (add/drop)
January 10 Last day to withdraw from Winter session
January 17 Last day of Winter session classes