Bunker Hill Community College

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Mission Statement

The Computer Science (CS) Department aims to:

  • Prepare our students for transfer to four-year college or university Computer Science (CS) programs where they can earn a baccalaureate degree or greater.

  • Provide our students the CS skills necessary to obtain entry-level positions in computer science and/or programming.

  • Provide our students the CS skills necessary to obtain high level REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) and internships.

  • Provide CS training across the curriculum, with particular focus on other STEM fields (engineering, science, and math).

The department is continually updating and fine-tuning its programs of study.

Programs of Study

Associate in Science: Computer Science Transfer Option

  • The Computer Science Transfer Option prepares students to transfer to four-year college CS programs across the United States and also prepares them for well-paid entry level careers and internships as computer scientists and programmers.
  • Program of Study

Associate in Arts: Computer Science Concentration

  • The Computer Science Concentration prepares students for well-paying, entry level careers as computer scientists and programmers and prepares students to transfer to four-year college CS programs. Graduates of this concentration may qualify to transfer using benefits of MassTransfer to a University of Massachusetts campus. For current information on eligible programs, visit mass.edu/masstransfer.
  • Program of Study

Certificate: Object Oriented Programming and Design

  • This certificate prepares students with in-depth knowledge of object oriented programming and design. Within two semesters of entering the program, students are expected to demonstrate acceptable keyboarding proficiency.
  • Program of Study

Certificate: Android Mobile App Development

Certificate: iOS Mobile App Development