English Language Learning Programs

BHCC offers a range of English Language Learning (ELL) programs to meet the needs of English language learners. These programs include Beginner to Intermediate non-credit community education classes through our Adult Education (AE) and Basic English Language Learning (BELL) Programs; High Beginner to High Intermediate noncredit community education classes through our Intensive English Program (IEP); and Intermediate to Advanced courses through our Academic English Language Learning (ELL) Program that enable students to earn college credit toward completion of an associate degree program. Learn more about each program below.

General English

Program Basic English Language Learning Adult Education
Focus Vocational English HiSET Spanish
HiSET English
ELL students seeking to Transition to College
ELL looking to improve economic mobility
Levels offered Beginner - Intermediate Beginner - High Intermediate
Credit / Non-credit Non-credit Non-credit
Part-time / Full-time Part-time Part-time
Term length 15 weeks (semester) 30 weeks (2 semesters)
Hours per week 4 6
Schedule Day, Evening, Weekend Day, Evening, and Saturday
Cost $389/semester Free*
Financial aid available? No N/A
Sponsorship for F-1 visa? No No

* Must meet eligibility requirements

English for Academic Purposes

Program Intensive English Academic English Language Learning
Focus Short-term study Degree-seeking students
Levels offered High Beginner - High Intermediate Intermediate - Advanced
Credit / Non-credit Non-credit Credit
Part-time / Full-time Full-time 6 credits of student’s full-time or
part-time college schedule
Term length 7 weeks (term) 15 weeks (semester)
Hours per week 20 6
Schedule Day** Day, Evening or Weekend
Cost $1,115/term In-state: $1,320 / 6 credits
Out-of-state: $2,556 / 6 credits
Financial aid available? No Yes***
Sponsorship for F-1 visa? Yes Yes

** Intensive weekend options available only through English Study for Au Pairs. For more info, see English Study for Au Pairs.

*** For more information on financial aid eligibility and deadlines, contact Student Central (StudentCentral@bhcc.edu)


  • Levels: Beginner to Intermediate non-credit community education classes.
  • The Adult Education program provides educational and support services for adults who lack English language and literacy skills and/or do not have a high school diploma.
  • Classes prepare English learners for college classes, the boardroom or life in the community. If your goal is to earn a certificate or degree at Bunker Hill Community College, to advance at work or just start to improve your English skills, then the Adult Education Program is for you. 
  • Schedule: Day, evening, and weekend classes available to accommodate the busy schedules of adult learners
  • Cost: FREE all material is provided; attendance is required
  • Levels: Beginner to Intermediate Non-credit community education classes.
  • Basic English Language Learning (BELL) offerings are non-credit courses intended for students with limited knowledge of the English language who want to advance to Academic ELL courses.
  • Classes prepare English learners for college classes, the boardroom or life in the community. If your goal is to earn a certificate or degree at Bunker Hill Community College, to advance at work or just start to improve your English skills, the Basic English Language Learning (BELL) Program is for you.
  • Schedule: Day, evening, and weekend classes available. See the full schedule here: https://www.bhcc.edu/bell/
  • Cost: $389 Please note, if you are on an F1 Student Visa, this program does not currently qualify.

Levels Offered: High Beginner to High Intermediate Noncredit community education classes.

Intensive English is a full-time program. Do you want to improve your English skills in a short period of time? Then Intensive English is for you! In these classes, you will practice your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. There will also be instruction on grammar, pronunciation, and American culture.

In the Intensive English program, classes run four days a week for seven weeks. Class each day runs five hours. You will receive 20 hours of classroom instruction per week. By the end of seven weeks, you will receive 140 hours of classroom instruction. All classes are taught Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. There is no class on Monday. Times are subject to change based on classroom availability. 

  • The full cost of a seven-week class is $1,115. You have the option to pay the entire cost before the start of classes at the time of registration, or you can pay in two or three smaller parts throughout the semester, if needed. Tuition does not include the cost of books.

If you are on an F1 Visa, you may apply to the Intensive English program, please contact the International Center for more info.

Levels Offered: Intermediate to Advanced Earn college credit for English Language Learning (ELL) as you prepare for a degree program. In the Academic ELL program, students will develop integrated critical reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English through immersion in a selected theme, challenging academic content, and campus and/or community-based learning. Students participate in group work and connect the content to their own lives, using language in multiple ways.

Students who successfully complete an ELL course may earn up to 6 credits towards the General Education requirement. Students can take additional college-level courses along with ELL. All courses are 6 credits and are offered during the day, evening, or weekends during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. There are 3 levels of ELL and the program follows the college’s 16-week academic calendar.

Courses are open to all students who place into them including F1 visa holders.  

Residents may apply for financial aid. To register: 

  1. Submit an application to Bunker Hill and get a BHCC ID number.
  2. Take the Guided Self-Placement Survey
  3. Attend an Advising and Registration session.
  4. This program qualifies for F1 Student Visas.
  5. To apply as an International Student please see https://www.bhcc.edu/internationalcenter/