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Chief's Message

‌The Bunker Hill Community College Police Department seeks to improve the quality of life for all people on the college campus through the deliverance of total quality police service. Through extensive, in-depth training, adherence to all policies and procedures, and utilization of college and community partnerships, we strive to prevent crime, solve problems and enforce the law. We guarantee respect and dignity for each individual in accordance with our duty to maintain peace and order within a safe and secure college environment.

Bunker Hill Community College Police Officers will do all that they can, within their jurisdiction and authority, to assist any college member or visitor with any problem that impacts safety and/or security of life or property. In regard to any other problem, every department employee will respond with courtesy and professionalism and will seek to direct the individual to the appropriate services. That stated, the priorities of the police department are to prevent crime, solve problems and enforce the law. Modern-day policing recognizes that many crimes can be prevented and problems solved if the police department works in partnership with everyone.

On behalf of the men and women of the Bunker Hill Community College Police Department, I thank you for your continued support. Through your involvement, I am confident our department will continue to provide Bunker Hill Community College with an unsurpassed level of safety.


Chief Robert A. Barrows