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Open Education @BHCC

What is OER?

We know that paying for textbooks can be a burden, and we want to help. Since the beginning of the Spring Semester 2017, BHCC has offered a number of courses that use Open Education Resources (OER) that include textbooks, articles, videos, and other materials that are openly licensed and free to use. 

BHCC is one of 38 community colleges across the country that participated in the OER Initiative, which was sponsored by Achieving the Dream. The project aimed to boost college access and completion, particularly for underserved students.

So far, BHCC students have saved almost $2.5 million dollars by taking OER courses.

What is OER at BHCC?

Bunker Hill Community College has expanded the definition of “Open Education” to be more inclusive.

Our new definition is grounded in a framework of equity and cultural wealth. Our vision of open education at BHCC is education that offers students up-to-date, quality, and culturally relevant materials at the lowest possible cost. As we continue to adapt the OER Initiative to fit BHCC’s institutional context, we are taking our cue from colleges across the country that have moved to an Open/Low Cost/No Cost model.

The criteria for BHCC’s OER course designation had been revised to include: 

OER -- courses that use openly licensed material that is copyrighted in a manner that gives students and faculty free and perpetual permission to retain, reuse, revise, remix and redistribute original or revised content (also known as the 5Rs);

Low Cost -- courses that have a textbook cost of under $50; or

No Cost -- courses that have zero textbook costs.

Take an Open Ed Course @BHCC

You can browse for OER classes in the same way that you register for your other classes. When you are in Self-Service, you can choose “Open Educational Resources (OER)” from the course “Type” menu on the left side of your screen.

Current students can also contact their advisors with any questions regarding registration for OER courses. You can find your advisor on the Advising Tab in Student Planning. Visit bhcc.edu/registration for how and when to register for classes.

If you are faculty and are interested in converting your course into an OER course, please contact  BHCC’s Senior Special Programs Coordinator for Digital Learning – Ceit DeVitto at kmdevitt@bhcc.edu

Here are links to Open Educational Resources that some faculty choose to use in an OER course:

  • Open Textbook Library This site has a large selection of digital textbooks ranging from education to math that are peer-reviewed 
  • Open Stax Open Stax has a large variety of textbooks that cover lower-level courses in Math, Science, History, and Behavioral Sciences.  
  • Lumen Learning Lumen Learning provides inexpensive homework generators for many of the Open Stax textbooks. 
  • OER Commons Is a great resource for OER Content for most disciplines. 
  • Also, visit our OER Library Guide for more information on Open Education Resources.

Open Education at BHCC is supported by the Office of Academic Innovation & Distance Education. Sign up for AIDE’s updates to learn about OER professional development opportunities.

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