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Where Can You Go for Help?

In addition to activities on campus and clubs and organizations, Student Activities also provides assistance in other ways. On this page you will discover the other support services the office gives to BHCC students.

The Student Activities Office is one of the central locations for lost and found items. Typically when a member of the College community loses something on campus, it will be turned into the Student Activities Office. If, for some reason, the lost item is not in the Student Activities Office, staff members can search a central database to see if it may be with the Security or Public Safety offices. If it is not in any locations, there is a Lost Claim Form that the member of the community can fill out, and if the lost item is eventually turned in, this enables a staff member to reach out and return the item.


Charlestown Campus
Room D106H
Phone: 617-228-2260

Summer Hours
Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 4 pm
Friday: Virtual Office Hours and By Appointment