With over 41 million Spanish speakers in the US, Spanish is rapidly becoming a business necessity. Improve your career prospects, strengthen your CV and enhance your business skills by learning Spanish.

The Language Institute at BHCC Division of Workforce and Economic Development is offering Beginning Spanish classes, designed for people with little or no background in the Spanish language, with a convenient weekend schedule.

Beginning Spanish I - LNG-400E

This 6-week Spanish language course is aimed at students who would like to learn conversational Spanish starting with Spanish basics. The course introduces everyday language and includes activities to practice all four language skills: reading comprehension, writing, listening comprehension and speaking. After completing this course, you will be prepared to introduce yourself, ask basic questions, seek directions, describe how you are feeling, express likes and dislikes, conduct a brief conversation in Spanish, and more. At level 1, you will develop foundational language skills that enables you to reply in short sentences to and ask very basic questions when having a basic conversation with a Spanish-speaker. Each class meets for three hours. No book purchase required.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Basic greetings and farewells
  • Formal and informal ways of addressing people
  • The alphabet
  • Numbers (1-100)
  • Describe yourself, other people, and things
  • Express likes and dislikes
  • The time
  • Name people, places and things in the classroom and university
  • Articles: definite and indefinite
  • Ask questions in Spanish
  • Conjugate regular verbs in the present tense
  • Know when to use Ser (to be) versus Estar (to be)
  • Talk about families and how people are related
  • Adjectives
  • Possessive Adjectives
  • Clothing and Colors
  • Demonstrative adjectives
  • Some idioms with the verb tener
  • Expressing destination and future actions with the verb -ir

Beginning Spanish ILNG-400E

SectionDatesDays and TimesLocationInstructorFeeRegister
LNG-400E-FS1Sep 14 - Oct 19
Saturday at 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
RemoteYaneth Bustos$245

Beginning Spanish II - LNG-400AE

This 6-week Spanish language course is a continuation of Beginning Spanish 1. Emphasis on oral, aural, and writing skills. Each class meets for three hours. No book purchase required.
Prerequisite: LNG-400E, prior training in Spanish, or permission of the instructor.

Course Objectives:

  • Days of the week
  • Reflexive Verbs –To express reflexive actions (self/selves) and to talk about your daily routine
  • The Weather, Months and Seasons- To talk about the weather and yearly calendar
  • Preposition of Place – To locate things in relation to other things
  • Present Progressive (ing) – To express actions that are happening right now
  • Comparisons – to compare people, things, and actions
  • Food and Meals - To talk about food and eating habits
  • Saber and Conocer – To express to know in Spanish
  • Direct Object Pronouns and the Personal a – To express what and whom and to avoid repetition
  • Formal Commands – To give directions and orders
  • Traveling and Vacations – To talk about travel to places you would like to visit and to those you do
  • Indirect Object Pronouns – To express to and for who(m)
  • The Preterite – To start talking about the past

Beginning Spanish IILNG-400AE

Continuing LNG-400e, Beginning Spanish II furthers the acquisition of basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills within a cultural framework.

SectionDatesDays and TimesLocationInstructorFeeRegister
LNG-400AE-SU1Jul 20 - Aug 24
Saturday at 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
RemoteYaneth Bustos$245
LNG-400AE-FT1Nov 2 - Dec 14
Saturday at 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
RemoteYaneth Bustos$245