For Partners and Employers

Why should I become a BHCC Internship Partner?

  • Gain a new, motivated team member who is ready to contribute
  • Find qualified, dependable and skilled future employees
  • Become a mentor to help shape the future workforce

How can I become a BHCC Internship Partner?

  • Fill out the Internship Partner Interest form.
  • A member of the Internships and Career Development staff will contact you once complete.

How do I know if I need an intern?

  • You need a new perspective added to your team on organizational issues or practices
  • You need support with technology (closing your skills gap)
  • You may have a position opening in the near future
  • You need help with projects or tasks that you're struggling to complete
  • You would like to foster leadership skills in current employees
  • You need support to improve your current work environment

Any of these are great reasons to bring an intern into your organization and partner with us.

Where do I post a job/internship/volunteer opportunities for BHCC students?

Is there a minimum number of hours an intern must complete to receive academic credit?

  • Yes, a student intern must complete 150 hours of internship work in order to be eligible for academic credit.

What degrees does BHCC offer?

  • BHCC offers a number of Associate in Arts, Associate in Science and certificates. Please visit to see all the programs that BHCC has to offer.