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Student Activities

Bunker Hill Community College has an active student life program. The activities coordinated through the Office of Student Activities provide students with the opportunity to have more fun, meet more people, and make a difference in campus life at the college. We celebrate cultural diversity and encourage cultural interaction.

There are over 30 student organizations at Bunker Hill Community College, providing the campus with social, cultural and educational programs as well as intramural/recreational programs and leisure-time activities. New members are always welcome.

The Office of Student Activities serves as the central clearinghouse for all student activities and provides administrative support for clubs and organizations. Along with providing administrative leadership, the office staff assists in coordinating social and cultural events for students.

Services and Programs


The Office of Student Activities offers several services to the college community, including:

  • Lost and found service
  • Posting of materials on college bulletin boards
  • Message center for student clubs and organizations
  • The Textbook Assistance Program (T.A.P.), administered by the Office of Student Activities, is designed to help Bunker Hill Community College students with limited financial resources borrow the books they need. Even with significant contributions made by and through the BHCC Foundation Inc. and the Student Government Association, funds for new textbooks do not last long and students are urged to apply for assistance as early as possible.

    New books are purchased at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and are added to a large library of used books. Applications and more information about T.A.P. may be obtained at the Office of Student Activities in Room D106H on the Charlestown Campus.

    T.A.P. begins Thursday, January 4 for the Spring 2018 semester.


  • Cultural festivals celebrate food, music and arts from around the world.
  • Special evening programs feature entertainment, refreshments and activities for students who take classes later in the day.
  • The annual Spring Day festival is filled with entertainment, food, and games.
  • Multicultural programs such as Family Day and the Holiday Stroll celebrate special occasions and bring people of different cultures together.
  • Start Smart Orientation.
  • Leadership Development Training.