Welcome to the Computer Information Technology Department

The Computer Information Technology Department offers a variety of courses, certificates and degrees designed to prepare students for the workforce and transfer to four-year institutions.

Both certificates and associate degrees offer students opportunities to learn skills needed to thrive in a high-tech workforce. Certificate programs are designed to support students in learning skills and industry-recognized credentials. Associate degrees prepare students for both workforce and four-year transfer.

Associate Degrees


Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Computer Information Technology (CIT) Department is four-fold:

  • Prepare our students for transfer to four-year college or university Information Technology (IT) programs where they can earn a baccalaureate degree or greater.
  • Provide our students the IT skills necessary to obtain entry-level IT jobs in computer science, networking, database, computer support, office information management, health information technology, programming and several others.
  • Provide IT training and courses for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in the effort to have the CBO clients obtain entry level jobs in IT fields.
  • Provide IT training across the curriculum.