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Turbulent Remains- Three Women Artists Explore the Boundaries of Climate Change

Turbulemnt remains

Erica Lemberg Flores
Gillian Frazier
Susan Jaworski-Stranc

March 6 - April 28, 2023

Witnessing the slow but seemingly inexorable ravages of climate change can make us despair of ever saving our planet from environmental disaster. But the act of bearing witness to the earth’s suffering can also be a step toward raising awareness and instigating action. The trio of women artists behind this exhibition utilize their different mediums to help us see the threats ahead and yet give us hope for the future. With imagery both exquisite and disturbing, these artists challenge us to pay heed to our surroundings and to notice how change is chipping away at our landscape. Even in turbulent times, when our oceans, forests and cities face devastation, art can show us hope lurks just over the horizon.

Turbulemnt remainsTurbulemnt remainsTurbulemnt remains