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Appendix A - Student Association Constitution

The following constitution was voted on and approved by the Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) Student Government Association (SGA), and was ratified by the student body in a referendum in May 2010. The constitution empowers the Student Government Association to represent all members of the student body.


In order to create a more effective and representative Student Government Association at Bunker Hill Community College, we do hereby establish this constitution.

ARTICLE 1: Name and Purpose

  1. This organization shall be known as the Bunker Hill Community College Student Government Association (SGA).
  2. The BHCC SGA is organized to affect self-government, promote open communication and cooperation among students, faculty and administration. The Student Government Association will work toward addressing all issues pertaining to the quality of student life at the College.
  3. The governing body of the BHCC Student Association shall be known as the Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA shall be made up of a President, 5 Vice Presidents, a Secretary, Representative to the Chelsea Campus and 5 Senator-at-Large positions.
  4. The purpose of this governing body will be:
    • To represent the Student Association in those issues and policies that directly affect student life at BHCC
    • To advise College committees on matters of student concern through student appointments and input.
    • To act as a liaison between the College administration and the student body.
    • To assist in planning activities and oversee the disbursement of funds to recognized student clubs and organizations.
    • To advocate for the rights of students and to ensure their equal treatment, free from discrimination on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, genetic information, maternity leave and national origin.

ARTICLE 2: Membership in the Student Government Association

  1. Any student who pays the required College fees and is registered for class at BHCC is a member of the BHCC Student Association.
  2. Any student who seeks elective or appointed office in the Student Government Association must be enrolled for at least a six (6) credit course load (part-time status), have a 2.30 G.P.A., and be in good standing as defined by the College and maintain this status during the term of office.
  3. The Student Government Association will consist of an Executive Board. The Executive Board will consist of a President, 5 Vice Presidents, a Secretary, Representative to the Chelsea Campus and 5 Senator-at-Large positions, all of which have equal voting authority and will at all times reflect the administrative structure of Bunker Hill Community College. To maintain open communication and promote collaboration, the SGA will coordinate monthly Club Presidents Meetings. The Club Presidents Meetings shall consist of representatives appointed by every recognized club at BHCC. All club/organization Presidents are responsible for insuring that club representatives maintain an active link with the SGA to provide maximum exchange and dissemination of information.
  4. Officers and Their Election: The Student Association will elect, in the spring prior to the academic year of term or office, the following officers:
    • 1. President: Chairs the Executive Board meetings, sets agendas, does not vote unless to break a tie. Also, appoints members onto College-wide committees. Acts as spokesperson for the organization. Maintains weekly office hours in Student Activities.
    • 2. Vice President of Administration: Oversees all administrative issues concerning the SGA. Handles all financial obligations of the association (is de facto treasurer). Chairs the Student Budget Committee. Is acting President, when President is unable to attend meetings. Maintains weekly office hours in Student Activities.
    • 3. Vice President of Human Resources and Facilities: Acts as parliamentarian for the SGA. Coordinates elections and appointment processes. Coordinates recruitment and training activities for the SGA. Handles all constitutional amendment issues. Acts as liaison for all student concerns pertaining to facilities. Maintains weekly office hours in Student Activities.
    • 4. Vice President of Student Affairs: Acts as liaison between all clubs and organizations and the SGA. Acts as liaison to all issues pertaining to student life at the College. Facilitates monthly Club Presidents Meetings. Maintains weekly office hours in Student Activities.
    • 5. Vice President of Academic Affairs: Acts as liaison to all issues pertaining to student academic involvement. SGA liaison pertaining to issues of academic support services, and to The Tutoring and Academic Support Center. Maintains weekly office hours in Student Activities.Maintains weekly office hours in Student Activities.
    • 6. Vice President of Communications: Handles all publicity and public relations activities for the SGA. Liaison with student and College news/media organizations and offices. Responsible for promoting and advertising all events, news and projects of the SGA. Maintains weekly office hours in Student Activities.
    • 7. Representative to the Chelsea Campus: Maintains contact with and serves as liaison between the SGA and the students and staff at the Chelsea Campus. Maintains office hours at the Chelsea Campus, provides feedback to the SGA on issues related to student life on the Chelsea Campus. Maintains weekly office hours in Student Activities.
    • 8. Secretary: Takes minutes of SGA meeting, distributes meeting minutes to administration and staff and coordinates sending legislation through the appropriate channels. Handles all initial inquiries to the organization. Maintains weekly office hours in Student Activities.
    • 9-13. Senators-at-Large: Duties of Senators-at-Large will include, but not be limited to, attending SGA meetings, participating in SGA and College-wide committee meetings and assisting SGA Vice Presidents with tasks. Maintains weekly office hours in Student Activities.
  5. Role of the Advisor. The Director of Student Leadership and Engagement will serve as advisor to the SGA. The advisor, or the advisor’s designee must be present at SGA meetings for votes to be considered valid.

ARTICLE 3: Election of Student Government Association Members

  1. Members of the Student Association who wish to serve on the Student Government Association may submit nomination papers to the Student Activities and Athletics Office in April. Nomination papers will be accepted for a period of two weeks and must be submitted no later than two weeks before the date of election. The Office will determine eligibility according to Article 2. The Office will determine dates for the election, which must occur no later than the second week of May. All members of the Student Association will be eligible to vote. In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held solely for those members. The results of the elected positions will be announced by the Student Activities and Athletics Office the week after the election takes place.
  2. If any position becomes available on the SGA any time after elections are held in the spring, present SGA members will submit the names of eligible candidates at a scheduled meeting. After hearing from the candidates, the SGA will vote by closed ballot for the candidates to serve as SGA members for the remainder of the academic year.
  3. The term of office shall be from July 1 to June 30.

ARTICLE 4: SGA Meetings

  1. The SGA will meet weekly, whenever classes are in session. All SGA meetings are open to all students and will be held on Tuesdays during the free period in E175. When possible, the SGA will hold its last meeting of every month in D Lounge. Meetings will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. Meetings will follow the guidelines of the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law, a copy of which shall be placed in the Student Activities Office. Meetings will be held in a location that is handicap accessible.
  2. After consultation with the Advisor, the SGA President may call a special meeting in limited and extraordinary circumstances.
  3. A quorum of SGA members must be present for voting to be valid. A quorum will be considered one more than half of the current SGA members. The SGA President will be counted as a member for the purpose of defining quorum, despite the fact that the President does not vote, except to break a tie.

ARTICLE 5: Removal from the SGA

  1. Officers of the SGA can be removed from office for the following reasons:
    1. Attendance. No more than two unexcused absences (for extraordinary purposes) will be accepted each semester. Once two or more unexcused (for extraordinary purposes) absences have occurred, an agenda item will be added to the next meeting of the Executive Board and removal of the affected individual shall be voted on at this time. Extraordinary circumstances will be taken into account at this time. “Extraordinary circumstances” will be defined by the Advisor and may include written documentation from a physician or other source.
    2. Failure to uphold the responsibilities of his/her office, including but not limited to maintaining office hours, participating in committees, acting beyond the scope of his/her responsibilities and/or without the authorization of the SGA.
    3. Acting in a manner that violates the mission and purpose of the SGA, the expectations outlined in the SGA Commitment Contract, and the Student Code of Conduct.
    4. Failure to maintain good academic standing, as well as the minimum GPA and course load required to maintain office.
    5. Any member of the SGA may bring the issue of removing an officer by written request to the Director of Student Leadership and Engagement.
    6. The Director of Student Leadership and Engagement will notify the SGA President of the request, and the item shall be placed on the agenda for the next SGA meeting. The affected individual(s) will be notified, and will have the opportunity to respond to the issues raised. The affected individual(s) may not vote on said removal. A two-thirds majority vote of the SGA is required to remove an officer under this article.

ARTICLE 6: Amendments

  1. This constitution may be amended by a motion made by any SGA member during an SGA meeting. The vote must pass with a 2/3rds majority of the SGA members for the vote to be considered valid. If the vote is favorable, then a referendum item will be put on the next ballot and will be considered approved if a favorable vote of the Student Association is achieved.