Preferred Name Request

The College fosters an environment that is inclusive and that encourages self-expression. BHCC recognizes that some students may prefer to use a first name other than their legal name to identify themselves. As long as the use of a preferred first name is not for an improper purpose, the College acknowledges that a preferred first name can and should be used where possible in the course of College business and education. Students may use a preferred first name wherever a legal name is not required on internal documents, communications, systems, and web portals. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Advising lists
  • Class rosters;
  • Diplomas, awards, and recognitions (optional, by request)
  • Email-BHCC
  • ID Cards-BHCC
  • Moodle

Legal names will only be changed when students pursue a legal name change with their home state and/or federal authorities and then submit that documentation to the Academic Records Office. A student’s legal name shall be used on all College documents, systems and communications external to the College and/or where a legal name is required. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial aid records;
  • Student accounts records;
  • Student personally identifiable information;
  • Student directory information;
  • Payroll records;
  • Health records;
  • Official transcript;
  • Federal immigration documents; and
  • Interactions with government agencies.

Disclaimer: BHCC will endeavor to display preferred names to the College community where feasible and will make a good faith effort to update the reports, documents, and systems that are designated to use a preferred name. In the event that your preferred name is not displaying correctly, please email or contact the Dean of Students Office at 617-228-2408

Change Your Preferred Name

To change your preferred name, please submit a request via the form below.

Preferred First Name Change Form

Preferred Name Request Frequently Asked Questions

No. Only you as the student can update your preferred first name.

Yes, you can change your BHCC email address and display name, however the login ID will remain the same.

Yes, as long as it is in compliance with the Code of Conduct.

No, you do not have to specify a preferred first name. This is a service for those who wish to be known on campus by something other than their legal name. If you regularly use our legal name, then please do not submit a preferred first name request.

Complete the Name or SSN form and present to the Academic Records Office (  a certified copy of a court order indicating a legal name change has been granted along with an official photo ID. Examples of court orders include: a marriage license, divorce decree, and other court authorized legal name change documentation.

Notify the Director of Student Services by email at and provide your name and student ID.

Preferred First Name Change Form

Or you can complete the preferred first name request form located on BHCC Mobile, Student Self-Service.

No, residency status does not affect your ability to use a preferred first name on campus.

Examples include, but are not limited to, advising lists, class rosters, and Moodle. In addition, diplomas, awards, recognitions, BHCC Email, and BHCC ID card by request. Your preferred first name will appear where legal name is not necessary.

If you have questions or would like to talk with someone to find out if indicating a preferred first name would meet your needs, please contact the Dean of Students Office.


Chi Nguyen, Administrative Assistant
Dean of Students Office
617-228-2408  |
Dean of Students Email:
Location: Building B, Room 309