Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Scholarship for Short-Term Study Abroad 2023-2024 Academic Year

Continuing in the 2023-2024 academic year, the Bunker Hill Community College's Study Abroad Program will be will be offering the Study Abroad Scholarship for Faculty-Led study abroad programs.

The scholarship covers 80% of the total student cost of selected short-term Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs.


  • Be matriculated in a BHCC degree or certificate program in Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters.
  • Have completed by the end of the Fall 2023 semester 6 college-level credits at BHCC (does not include transfer credits).
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or higher (lower may be considered) 

Apply to the Program

 The deadline to apply is December 8,2023. Read about each program below. Then complete the application, reference and statement forms to apply. 

2023-2024 Study Abroad Application

Study Abroad Reference Form

Study Abroad Statement of Purpose

Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad in Costa Rica: May 20 - May 30 2024

Earn General Education “Scientific Reasoning” Credits for Tropical Field Studies ENV120

Open to all BHCC Students with 6 or more earned credits. No science prerequisites required.

For more information, contact Professor Robert Steeper at 

Study Abroad in Italy: June 1-13, 2024

HUM 500: Civically Engaged Transmedia Storytelling: Migrant Identities, Palimpsest of Races in Europe   

Course Details

  • Eligibility Requirements: ENG111, GPA 2.0 and above  
  • Explore the academic opportunities at the university of Calabria, where the department of humanities is dedicated to providing students with essential resources for their educational journey.  

Career Opportunities 

This course is designed for students in english, performing arts, communication, visual arts, and social science. It's perfect for those aspiring to find employment or pursue higher education in the creative industries, including film and television, journalism, visual arts. performing arts, creative writing, game design, and social media content production.  

Course Focus 

  • Explore leading industry storytelling practices  using digital and emerging technologies.
  • Develop engaging multi-platform narrative experiences for diverse audiences.
  • Learn how to harness real -life stories for entertainment, marketing, or social change. 

What You'll Experience

  • Craft stories that seamlessly integrate written and visual language.
  • A learning community model fulfilling all GenEd SLOAP requirements.
  • Close collaboration with the university of Calabria humanities department.
  • Study in southern Italy with a rich diversity of cultures and communities.

- enhance your educational and social skills while elevating civic engagement in your storytelling techniques and goals.

For more information contact Dr. Proshot Kalami, English and Performing Arts Department at

Study Abroad in Ghana: June 16 - 27, 2024

Join Justice Kumahia and Dr.Franklyn Taylor Exploring Ghana. Introduction to Business (MAN111) 

Highlights of the Program: 

  • Explore Management History, Decision Making, Managing the External Environment and the Organizations Culture within Business in Ghana." 
  • Visit Ghana Stock Exchange, Ghana Commercial Bank, and 
    Ghana National Chamber of commerce  Immerse in entrepreneurial insights with a visit to AVIS Rent a Car, engage at Makola Market, and explore starting your own business 
  • Investigate factors influencing global trade and their impact 
    on businesses. 
  • Examine economic, legal-political, social, cultural, and technological barriers to international business. 

Study Abroad in Panama: June 22 - June 30, 2024

Study Abroad in Panama with Professor Carlos L. Maynard - Department of Behavioral Science/BSS & Global Learning & Training Project Manager Sasha Johnson - HOPE Initiative/Academic Support & Pathways

Program Details

  • 3 Credit SOC 101 course    
  • Focus Theme- A Cultural Place-Based Education Experience in Panama City    
  • Eligibility Requirements-Prerequisite - Academic Reading Ill (ESL-098) or Integrated ELL Level Ill (ELL-103) or Reading Skills II (RDG-095) or exemption by placing into a higher-level course.

What You Will Experience

  • You will engage directly with educational institutions and actively participate in educational excursions. 
  • Your every experience will be deeply cultural, allowing you to leverage your preferred learning styles: visual, tactile, and engaged.
  • You will apply sociological theory lenses and utilize data-gathering tools for a reflective and comprehensive note-taking practice.
  • Throughout this study abroad experience, you will progress seamlessly from context to clarity, to categories, and ultimately to engaging with various communities.

Learning Activities

  • Dive into Panama's Pulse: Explore demographic and cultural data of Panama, immersing yourself in the investigation techniques used by sociologists.
  • Education Beyond Walls: Embark on field experiences at educational hubs and cultural gems like museums, art venues, and music/dance spaces. Uncover the historical sites that breathe life into Panama City. 
  • Cultural Mirror: Discover the tapestry of similarities and differences between your own culture and the vibrant Panamanian way of life. 
  • Local Dialogues: Engage in lively dialogues, informal conversations, and meaningful discussions with local Panamanians, gaining insights into the distinctive facets of their cultural experiences. 
  • Sociology Unveiled: Immerse in orientation talks that unravel the sociological content, covering theory, research, culture, structures, stratification, and institutions within Panama. 
  • Chronicles of Panama: Assemble your notes and synthesize observations, using a cultural lens to analyze insight gained from your unique experiences and reflect on your experiences by crafting a personal narrative that adds depth to your journey, Share your new-found knowledge and learning through a narrative upon your return. 

For More Information
Contact Professor Carlos L Maynard:  
HOPE Training Project Manager Sasha Johnson:  

See What Study Abroad is All About

View the video below to see what type of experiences study abroad students can expect. This video features highlights from the 2023 study abroad trip to Costa Rica. 


Study Abroad Program
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