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Adult Education classes are cancelled until April 7, 2020

  • During the Coronavirus situation, staff and faculty of this Division are working remotely.
  • Staff will handle requests via email and phone.
  • Please contact Dean McKenna at kpmckenn@bhcc.edu or by phone at 617-228-2416 if you are having trouble reaching someone. Outside inquiries are handled via phone or email.
  • There are some business cards/info in H building lobby, otherwise for all other contact info please go online: https://www.bhcc.edu/directory/ Or go to our website at: https://www.bhcc.edu/workforce/

Specific contact info

  • For corporate workforce education or if you are an employer contact: Debby Wiesen Kelly at debby.wiesenkelly@bhcc.edu 617-228-2414
  • Community Education class registration info or general info Sonia Sharma: Commed@bhcc.edu 617-228-2462
  • For Adult Education, Brandy Brooks: bmbrooks@bhcc.edu 617-228-2108

Please consult our website for updates on the BHCC Coronavirus Preparedness

If need urgent assistance, please contact campus Police:

  • Emergency: 617-228-2222
  • Business line: 617-228-2053
The Mission of the Division of Workforce and Economic Development

 The Mission of the Division of Workforce and Economic Development

The Mission of the Division of Workforce and Economic Development is to provide opportunities for education and training leading to professional advancement and life-long learning while meeting the workforce needs of the communities we serve. The Division identifies and closes workforce gaps, supports individual career goals and economic mobility through furthering academic success and personal achievement.

If you would like to learn more about the Division of Workforce and Economic Development and what we can do for you, please contact:

Kristen McKenna, Dean of Workforce and Economic Development
Bunker Hill Community College
570 New Rutherford Ave
Boston. MA 02129