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Workforce Development

Bunker Hill Community College is a multi-campus academic institution that serves surrounding cities and towns as well as urban neighborhoods within the city of Boston.  The Department of Workforce Development, (housed within the Division of Professional Studies and Workforce Development), is the principal organization responsible for leveraging the College’s expertise and resources in order to provide non-traditional educational pathways which lead to both personal growth and professional advancement.

The Department, through its corporate, communications, technology, and employability training, exam preparation and entrepreneurship programs, contributes to the region's intellectual, cultural, and economic development.  It identifies and closes workforce gaps, empowers personal advancement, promotes academic success, and fosters wellness, growth and lifelong learning. 

Bunker Hill Community College seeks to enhance its position as the primary educational and economic asset for the Commonwealth, within the service area of Greater Boston, collaborating with community-based organizations, local business entities, and non-profit organizations in pursuit of this goal.