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Welcome to the Division of Behavioral, Social Sciences & Global Learning

Whatever your educational and career plans, you will almost assuredly be working with faculty and staff from this division. Today’s social, political and economic climates require each of us to be literate quantitatively, civically and interpersonally. Our division houses disciplines required for most degree plans and certificates. We also offer four Associate of Arts degree concentrations in History and Government, Mathematics, Psychology and Sociology, as well as the World Studies Emphasis Certification.

We are privileged to serve students in their journeys toward improved reasoning and critical-thinking skills. Our faculty members encourage applied teaching and learning experiences and strive to engage students in a manner that promotes meaningful learning. In developmental mathematics courses, for example, you will find students conducting surveys on campus and computing their carbon footprints. Psychology students can be found attending professional conferences in the field, while History and Government students collaborate with faculty for voter registration drives and events like Constitution Day.

Home to the International Center, the division embraces all BHCC campus goals, but places particular emphasis on Demonstrating Strength through Diversity. The Center coordinates not only events and support for more than 800 international students who come from approximately 100 countries, but also study-abroad programs that afford students the opportunity to become immersed in the language and culture of another country. For more information on the International Center, please visit: http://www.bhcc.edu/internationalcenter.

Our dedicated team of faculty and staff look forward to working with you.