Financial Aid Forms

2023-2024 Financial Aid Forms

23-24 Verification Worksheet Instructions
23-24 Dependent Verification Worksheet

  • Download this form if you are 23 years old or younger, and you do not have children that you provide more than 50% of support for, or are not married, or have not served in the military, then you are considered a “Dependent Student” by federal guidelines.

23-24 Independent Verification Worksheet

  • Download this form if:
    • You are 24 or older or
    • You have children that you provide more than 50 percent of support for or
    • You are married or
    • You have served in the military or
    • You are an orphan, ward of the court, or have been in foster care at any time since age 13 or
    • You are in a legal guardianship that has been approved by the court in your state of legal residence or
    • You are an emancipated minor as approved by a court in your state of legal residence or
    • You have been determined an unaccompanied youth who was homeless or at risk of being homeless by a director of emergency shelter, transitional housing program, runaway or homeless youth shelter, or by your high school or school district homeless liaison.

23-24 Institutional Non-Filer Statement

  • Complete this form if you did not file taxes and have been unable to get an IRS non-filer statement.

23-24 Child Support Verification

  • Download this form if the Financial Aid Office has requested additional information about the amount of child support being paid in your household.

23-24 Foreign Income Statement

  • Use this form to report income you, your spouse, or a parent may have earned outside the United States during the year

23-24 Special Conditions Form

  • Please complete this form if you have had a significant change in income since you filed your FAFSA. This change could be due to loss of employment, increased medical expenses, or change in your family structure. Be sure to include your letter explaining your circumstances and the documentation requested on the worksheet.

All students must have a completed W-4, I-9 and Employment Authorization Form on file with the Financial Aid Office (B213) before they can start working either on-campus or off-campus.

You must provide original documentation that proves you are eligible to work in the United States. Examples of acceptable documents are:

  • Your unexpired U.S. Passport or Alien Registration Card
  • Driver's License and Social Security Card
  • Bunker Hill Community College ID and Social Security Card
  • Driver's License and U.S. Birth Certificate
  • Bunker Hill Community College ID and U.S. Birth Certificate

Upon completion of the W-4 and I-9 and providing an acceptable documents to Financial Aid Office (B213), you will be given an Employment Authorization Form.

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Documentation of Veteran Status

Veterans Certification Request

Veterans Promissory Note

Independent Verification Worksheet

Citizenship or Permanent Residency Information

FAFSA Student Signature Form

High School Completion

Prior Degree

Request for Admissions Application Fee Waiver (Transfer Students)

Unusual Enrollment History

Massachusetts Categorical Tuition Waiver

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