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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The placement test is given in the Assessment Center, B118.  You will begin the test with a writing sample (pencil and paper), and then the rest of the test is computerized and multiple choice for reading and vocabulary.  The test is free and takes about two-three hours.  After the test, you can speak with an adviser about choosing courses.  Please call 617-228-2468 for more information.

You can take some college courses other than ELL beginning at Level 1. 

You can take a math course  a l Level 2.  Learning Community Discipline clusters at are available at Level III.  There are multiple options and pathways. We invite you to speak to an advisor about them.

We want you to take college content courses as soon as possible

Some ELL students have to take all of them and some do not.  Please speak with your ELL teachers or visit the Assessment Center, B118.

That depends on you.  We give you many opportunities to learn ELL as quickly as possible. However, please keep in mind that academic English  is a process that takes time, motivation, and dedication and that you will continue to develop English as you take other college courses 

Financial aid is based upon your Grade Point Average (GPA).  Students will lose financial aid if their GPA drops below 2.0.

Students who have financial aid money left over from the spring semester may use their money to pay for summer courses, but new students who apply for financial aid in the summer must wait until the fall semester to receive their money.