CCAMPIS Child Care Grants for Parents

BHCC has partnered with Child Care Choices of Boston (CCCB) to offer grant funded financial assistance and community-based childcare placement so you can finish your degree.

To qualify, student parents must meet these selection criteria:  
Required criteria: 

  • eligible for Pell award
  • in good academic standing
  • declared a degree- or certificate-seeking student  

Priority criteria:  

  • enrolled in 6 or more credits
  • low expected family contribution toward educational expenses as determined by FAFSA
  • single parent  

Apply for the CCAMPIS (Child Care Access Means Parents in School) Grant

To apply, please submit the following: 

  • An official course schedule
  • A copy of your Student Aid Report
  • A completed CCAMPIS Application

Application Dates

CCAMPIS applications are accepted at the start of each semester and continue until two weeks before the end of the semester.

Application open date: July 1, 2024
Priority Application Submission: August 16, 2024 (applications received after August 16 will continue to be reviewed until funding is depleted).

Selection and Verification Process

All students seeking assistance from CCAMPIS must complete a written application, and finalists will participate in an interview.  

The PC will work with the Financial Aid Office to verify that all applicants are Pell-eligible and are in good academic standing. Finalists will be notified via phone and email, and an interview will be scheduled with the PC.

Interview and Participation Agreement

During the interview, the PC will review the purpose of the CCAMPIS program with the student and clearly explain the Participation Agreement. The Agreement is designed to support student persistence and support parental involvement. It requires the following commitments from the students:

  1. Review the educational plan with the PC
  2. Meet with the PC at least once per semester and respond to other communications from the PC
  3. Attend a minimum of one parent workshop per semester to help strengthen parenting skills
  4. Submit CCAMPIS program surveys to provide feedback about the program
  5. Attend the required amount of parent conferences offered by their child care provider for each child supported by CCAMPIS
  6. Follow all policies established by the child care center
  7. Maintain good academic standing
  8. Complete a FAFSA for the following year on time
  9. Register for courses during the early registration period
  10. Contact the PC immediately for assistance resolving financial aid or other issues which may impact persistence.

Finalists who demonstrate a strong commitment to participating fully in the program and with the highest level of need will be selected for CCAMPIS support.

Child Care Choices of Boston (CCCB)

BHCC has partnered with Child Care Choices of Boston (CCCB) to offer a system of financial assistance and community-based childcare placement that will work for our student population. CCCB is the childcare resource and referral (CCR&R) agency for metro Boston, serving the region since 1991, and has a database of over 1,000 childcare providers, the widest network of providers in metro Boston. Used by BHCC and other community organizations, CCCB has a strong reputation for placing children in quality care settings and has become a conduit and a partner to Greater Boston’s complex network of related community and governmental agencies. Through BHCC’s partnership with Child Care Choices of Boston, students can access childcare close to home or work that meets the hours they need when classes are in session.


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Students Who Are Parents
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