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Office of Internships and Career Development

BHCC offers a variety of internship opportunities for students. The Office of Internships and Career Development is here to support students through the application and interview process as well as during the internship experience.

In order to qualify for Curricular Practical Training (CPT), international students with F-1 Visas must meet the following criteria:

  • Completed two full-time semesters at BHCC
  • Enroll in an internship course that is directly related to the student’s academic program
  • Obtain an internship (this could be through Learn and Earn or another internship opportunity)
  • Complete all paperwork and processes required for being issued an I-20

Summer research opportunities are available for students interested in the STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Math) fields. Please contact Joye Thaller at stem@bhcc.edu for information regarding these opportunities.

Learn and Earn

Learn and Earn offers paid internships in corporations, civic organizations, small businesses, cultural organizations and non-profits.

To get started:

  1. Create or update your resume. Click here to view walk-in hours in LifeMap where you can get help developing your resume.
  2. E-mail learnandearn@bhcc.edu to schedule a time to meet with a Learn and Earn Coordinator.

More about Learn and Earn

Learn and Earn began in Spring 2012 as a way to connect BHCC students in Greater Boston’s top corporations. Today, Learn and Earn students intern at corporations, civic organizations, small businesses, cultural organizations and non-profits.

Program Components

Internship Employers committed to the professional development of BHCC interns and diversifying their own workforce.

BHCC students have rich experience to offer employers. While many students come to BHCC straight out of high school, the average age of our students is 26 years old. Many of our students have extensive work and life experiences and are looking to transition into new fields. In addition to a range of previous work experience, our students bring their cultural strength to the workplace and can offer a diversity of thought and opinion to their jobs. When joined with the academic preparation students receive through their coursework at BHCC, our students contribute to their workplaces on many fronts.

Internship Course to help students develop skills and reflect on their work experiences.

Getting an internship is about more than just getting a job. Our internship courses help students process their internship experiences and challenge students to think about structures and systems in their internship sites. Sharing experiences with the supportive peers and faculty encourages critical thinking about work experience and career choices.

Students are paid for their internship in order to make interning a financial possibility for more students.

Many BHCC students report working full- or part-time while enrolled in classes. Paid internships allow students to gain experience in their desired fields while earning money needed to take care of families and other financial obligations.

Students receive a travel stipend to ensure that students have reliable transportation to get to their workplaces.

Offering a travel stipend removes an often-identified barrier for students

Academic Internships

Several programs of study at BHCC have required and optional internships.

To get started:

  1. Register for your internship class. You can do this online in BHCCselfservice, or by going to Student Central on the second floor of the B-Building.
  2. Search for an internship.

Contact the Coordinator of Internships, Kervin Leonidis (internships@bhcc.edu), for help with your search. Kervin’s office is in room C-309 on the Charlestown Campus.

  1. Report your internship in GradLeaders Career Center (GLCC). You will do this during your first week of your internship class.