MathSpace (For Developmental Math)

Students studying in MathSpace

For students taking a Developmental Math course (Math 093/097/098/099 and Developmental Cluster Courses), as well as the Hi-Set (, the MathSpace is a great resource for achieving success.

The MathSpace features:

  • Four rooms equipped with 64 computer terminals for students to complete math homework assignments.

  • Four Black and White, Laser Printers for student printing, one printer in each of the four rooms.

  • Tool such as Pearson's MyMathLab (for Math 093, Math 097, and Math 099), Open Learning Initiative (Carnegie Mellon University for Math 098 Pre-Statistics) can be used to work on homework assignments.

  • Students can use the MathSpace to access video lectures (please bring your own headphones), animations and multimedia textbooks to improve their understanding of course content.

  • Students can learn how to use specialized math software such as Mini Tab (used in Math 098), Mathematica 8, MathType, TI Interactive, Sketchpad and Derive.

  • If you need help with College Level Mathematics please see the TASC Center in room E174 under the Library. (
  • The MathSpace has group and individual tutoring areas and offers weekly review sessions for developmental math courses. The Schedule is listed below. Please come and ask Ken, Louis, Chavel, Hubert, and An, or other staff(usually wearing a green Math Space t-shirt) when you come in to get started.