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Fall 2020 Course Delivery

To ensure the health and safety of all students, faculty and staff, most fall 2020 classes will be taught remotely through a few different course types.
Learn more about the Fall 2020 course types.

The Advising & LifeMap staff are not on campus, but we are still available to help you. Please email us for assistance.

Please send an email to advising@bhcc.edu to get assistance with:

  • Planning courses for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020
  • Withdrawing from a course (financial aid questions should be sent to studentcentral@bhcc.edu)
  • Withdrawing from the college (financial aid questions should be sent to studentcentral@bhcc.edu)
  • Questions about warning grades
  • Completing I-20 Documentation

Please send an email to careeradvising@bhcc.edu to get assistance with:

  • Resume Review
  • Completing a career assessment
  • Preparing for an interview

Please send an email to transferservices@bhcc.edu to get assistance with:

  • Writing a Transfer Essay
  • Completing Applications to other colleges and universities
  • Completing the Common App
  • MassTransfer
  • Commonwealth Commitment

 Advising & LifeMap Philosophy

Embracing the diversity of its college community, Bunker Hill Community College recognizes the individual needs of its students.  The academic, career and transfer advisors of Advising & LifeMap are dedicated to providing continuous advising services in one centralized location to strengthen, nurture, empower and assist students with making sound and responsible decisions throughout their educational career at the College.

Advising Mission

Advising & LifeMap is a team of advisors, success coaches, student mentors, and administrators who support and guide students to reach their academic, career, transfer, and personal goals. We are advocates for student success.
We embody and celebrate the diversity of Bunker Hill students through equitable practices that meet their individual needs.

Qless Virtual Line

Don't want to stand in line for Drop-In services?  Get into our virtual line on your way to campus!

Visit the Qless website to Get into line
Download the Qless App

 Reading, Writing and Math Placement by High School GPA

If you graduated from high school, you may be able to take advantage of the State of Massachusetts  Common Assessment Policy. This policy exempts students from taking the College Placement Test (CPT) and places students into the appropriate Math and/or English course based on their cumulative high school grade point average.

Reading, Writing and Math Placement by High School GPA