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Bunker Hill Community College Communication Awards

collage of publications that won awards

Bunker Hill Community College has been recognized for excellence in communications by organizations that help set the standards for successful and effective college-level communications. BHCC has earned honors from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR), the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE); and the University and College Designers Association (UCDA).

NCMPR, an affiliate of the American Association of Community Colleges, has more than 1,550 members from more than 650 colleges across the United States, Canada and the Bahamas. NCMPR’s District One spans New England and the mid-Atlantic states as well as parts of Canada and the UK.

CASE includes among its members more than 3,600 colleges, universities, independent elementary and secondary schools and educational associates in 76 countries around the world. CASE’s District One includes northeastern US and parts of Canada.

UCDA is a 1,000-member organization established in 1970. Its annual design competition recognizes the best design work done to promote educational institutions in the United States and Canada. Its competition is open to both two- and four-year educational institutions.

The College has won awards in both national and district competitions. Honors earned since 1999 include the following:

NCMPR National Magazine    Silver
NCMPR District 1 Magazine    Gold
NCMPR District 1 MBTA Bus Wrap Advertisement Gold
NCMPR District 1 Difficult Dialogues Gold
NCMPR National Admissions Package Silver
NCMPR National Magazine Gold
NCMPR National Magazine Illustration Gold
NCMPR District 1 Folder and Inserts
for International Center 
NCMPR District 1 Magazine Silver
NCMPR District 1 Admissions Package  Silver
NCMPR District 1 Print Advertisement  Silver
CASE District 1 Exterior Advertising (Poster) Silver
CASE District 1 Special Purpose Publication Silver
NCMPR District 1 Academic Catalog Gold
NCMPR District 1 Magazine Illustration Bronze
NCMPR National Signage (LifeMap) Gold
NCMPR National  Magazine Illustration Silver
NCMPR National  Magazine Bronze
NCMPR District 1 Magazine Gold
NCMPR District 1 Digital Illustration  Gold
NCMPR District 1 Transit Advertising  Gold
NCMPR District 1 Marketing Campaign Gold
NCMPR District 1 Class Catalogue  Silver
NCMPR District 1 Website Silver 
NCMPR District 1 Wild Card Entry  Silver
NCMPR District 1 Academic Catalogue Bronze
NCMPR District 1 Booklet Bronze
Education Digital Marketing Website Bronze
CASE District 1 Magazine Overall Honorable Mention
NCMPR National  Magazine Gold
NCMPR National  Student Handbook Gold
NCMPR National  College Catalog Silver 
NCMPR District 1 Poster (Art Exhibit) Gold
NCMPR District 1 Poster (Sustainability) Gold
NCMPR District 1 Promotional Video (BBJ) Silver 
CASE District 1 Poster (Art Exhibit)  Bronze
CASE District 1 Magazine Overall Honorable Mention
CASE District 1 Magazine Writing Honorable Mention
NCMPR National Magazine  Silver
NCMPR District 1 Magazine Gold
NCMPR District 1 Magazine Photo Gold
UCDA Magazine Design Excellence Award
NCMPR National Communications Success Gold
NCMPR National Magazine Gold
NCMPR National Poster Gold
CASE District 1 Magazine Overall Gold
CASE District 1 Magazine Design  Silver
CASE District 1  Poster Silver
Massachusetts Commonwealth Citation for Outstanding Performance
NCMPR National Magazine Gold
NCMPR National Computer Design Bronze
NCMPR National Poster Bronze
NCMPR National Outdoor Advertising Bronze
NCMPR National College Catalog Silver
NCMPR National Promotion Campaign Bronze
NCMPR District 1  Transit Advertising Gold
NCMPR District 1 Special Events Brochure Gold
NCMPR District 1 College Viewbook Silver
NCMPR National College Catalog Bronze 
NCMPR District 1 Special Event Collateral Gold
NCMPR District 1 Brochure/Flyer  Gold
NCMPR District 1 Conference Brochure Gold
NCMPR District 1 College Website Silver
NCMPR District 1 Class Schedule Silver
NCMPR National College Catalog Gold
NCMPR National Brochure/Flyer Silver
NCMPR National College Catalog  Bronze
NCMPR National   College Catalog Bronze