Bunker Hill Community College

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Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Bunker Hill Community College is a learning institution that enacts its mission, vision and values through a set of Institutional Learning Outcomes practiced by BHCC students, faculty, staff and alumni.

INQUIRE with intention

  • Reflect and think critically
  • Explore and define compelling questions
  • Locate and integrate information from diverse contexts
  • Think creatively
  • Synthesize findings

COMMUNICATE with purpose

  • Listen actively
  • Express ideas and arguments with intention
  • Consider audience, situation and intercultural context
  • Engage diverse forms of media
  • Facilitate inclusive dialogue

ACT to integrate knowledge and practice

  • Collaborate in diverse teams
  • Facilitate reciprocal and sustainable partnerships
  • Enact innovative solutions to significant problems
  • Contribute to community and civic wellness
  • Advance justice and equity

GROW through continuous learning

  • Identify and leverage individual and collective strengths
  • Cultivate resilience and agency
  • Develop Intercultural Competence and Critical Consciousness
  • Form personal and global identities
  • Empower oneself and others