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Searching for additional resources? Look no further. While there’s no substitute for going over problems with your professor, extra practice is often helpful. The links below have been vetted by the faculty (and students) in the Science and Engineering Department. And, with the exception of links to publishers’ course websites, access to the sites below is free!

If you are looking for your course website

Please note that the resources below are publishers’ websites, and therefore will require an access code for your course. Check with your instructor for this information.

McGraw-Hill (Connect):

Pearson (Mastering):


The links below include resources for a number of science and science-related disciplines.

Crash Course (includes biology, chemistry and ecology; as well as a few other non-science disciplines):

Khan Academy (includes multiple disciplines in science, mathematics and otherwise):


Libretexts Chemistry Library, a service of the University of California-Davis:

Organic Chemistry video library:


Geoscience videos, courtesy of W.W. Norton and Co.:


Free physics textbooks:

Free video lectures:

Free physics demonstrations:

Free physics simulations: