Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College

Elective Courses

Electives provide students with flexibility in their programs of study. The elective categories help students make choices beyond the required courses for their respective programs.

Liberal Arts Electives include not only those categorized as Liberal Arts Electives but also the Science/Lab Science, Social Science and Behavioral Science Electives.

Career Electives are courses in the student’s major field or related field approved by the department chair or program coordinator.

Behavioral Science

PSY Psychology Behavioral Science
SOC Sociology Behavioral Science

Humanities Electives

The Humanities provide students with the knowledge, skills and habits of mind to adapt to any pathway in their educations, careers and lives. Humanities courses challenge students to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and make connections across disciplines. The following courses count as Humanities electives:

All Language Courses (any level): ARB (Arabic), CHN (Mandarin Chinese), FRE (French), GER (German), ITL (Italian), JPN (Japanese), POR (Portuguese), RUS (Russian), SPN (Spanish)

All Music Courses: MUS (Music)

All Philosophy Courses: PHL (Philosophy)

All Religion Courses: REL (Religion)

All Theater Courses: THE (Theatre)

All 200 level ENG Courses

All Film Courses: FLM (Film)

All History Courses: HIS (History)

Honors Seminar: HON-200 (Honors)

Selected Interdisciplinary Courses: INT-101 (Introduction to Yoga Studies), INT-110 (American Culture)

All Literature Courses: LIT (Literature)

Selected Visual and Media Arts Courses: VMA-102  Visual Design: Composition and Color, VMA-103  Elements of Form, VMA-104  Drawing from Observation, VMA-106  Digital Imaging for Artists and Designers, VMA111  Introduction to Mass Media, VMA-112  Art History: Prehistoric to Medieval, VMA-113  Art History: Renaissance to Contemporary, VMA-122  Painting for General Education, VMA-123  Watercolor I, VMA-124  Printmaking I, VMA-161  Introduction to Digital Photography, VMA-207  Figure Drawing, VMA-227  Studio Portfolio

Lab Science Electives

PHY Physics Mathematics & Physics
AST Astronomy Science
BIO Biology* Science
CHM Chemistry Science
ENV Enviro. Science Science
* BIO-111 does not qualify as a Lab Science Elective


Liberal Arts Electives

VMA Art Communication
VMA Photography  Communication
FLM Film English
HUM Humanities English
LIT Literature English
ENG English English
FRE French Foreign Language & Humanities
GER German  Foreign Language & Humanities
ITL Italian Foreign Language & Humanities 
MUS Music Foreign Language & Humanities
POR Portuguese  Foreign Language & Humanities
SPN Spanish Foreign Language & Humanities
THE Theatre Foreign Language & Humanities
HIS101 History/Gov’t
HIS102 History/Gov’t
PHL Philosophy History/Gov’t
HON Honors Interdisciplinary
MAT Mathematics Mathematics & Physics
REL Religious Studies History/Gov’t


Social Science Electives

ECO Economics Business
GOV Gov’t/Politics History/Gov’t
HIS History History/Gov’t
PHL Philosophy History/Gov’t
GEO Geography History/Gov’t