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New online issue of Teaching for Our TimesTeaching for our Times: Centering Equity and Cultural Wealth is a digital and open-access journal that publishes scholarly work from the BHCC community. The 2022 issue tells the story of the ELL program reform at BHCC – now institutionalized in our curriculum – and details the need and efforts to create more equitable access for our ELL students. 

By Author

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BHCC Faculty, Staff, and Administrators included in larger works

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BHCC Publications

  • Teaching For Our Times: A journal of good teaching practice. Volume I, 1999 Volume II, 2000 Volume III, 2001 Volume IV, 2004 Volume V, 2006 Volume VI, 2008
  • Reflections (Memories of the BHCC experience written by our long-term employees and retirees)
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