Bunker Hill Community College

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Meet the BHCC Librarians



Oscar Lanza-Galindo, MA: Library and Information Science, MA: Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

Associate Dean of the Library & Learning Commons
Room E330
Email: oscar.lanzagalindo@bhcc.edu


Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy (Andy), MLIS

Coordinator of Library Services
Room E325
Telephone: 617-228-2323
Email: ajmccart@bhcc.edu

‌‌Andrew McLaughlin

Andrew McLaughlin, MLS

Coordinator of Library Services
Room: E326
Telephone: 617-936-1959
Email: aemclaug@bhcc.edu

Jane Stimpson, MSIS

Coordinator of Library Services
Room E328
Telephone: 617-228-2211
Email: jane.stimpson@bhcc.edu





Jennifer Rivas

Library Assistant
Room E300
Email: jmrivas@bhcc.edu


Jin Zhang

Library Assistant
Room E300
Email: jzhan391@bhcc.edu