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Frequently Asked Questions About Internships

BHCC offers a variety of internship opportunities for students. Below are answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I know if I have to take an internship?

If your program of study requires an internship, it will be listed in your required courses on BHCCselfservice. You can also speak with an Advisor in LifeMap.

Do I have to find my own internship?

Our office can help you find an internship. We have relationships with companies and organizations across the Greater Boston area and will work with you to prepare for interviews for internship positions.

Why do I have to take a class?

An internship is about more than just getting a job. Being an intern is an opportunity for you to learn more about the career you plan to pursue, how people interact in the place of business, and to prepare you to grow in your career after leaving BHCC. Our internship courses provide opportunities for students to reflect on their experiences, plan for the future and give and receive support from peers and faculty. If you are interested in having an internship while at BHCC, plan ahead! In many cases, your internship class can be used as an elective.

Is there a GPA requirement?

In general, there is no GPA requirement for getting internships, but some companies or organizations may use GPA as a hiring criterion. There are more ways than your GPA that can show how you can be a valuable employee. For example, your previous work experience, coursework, or cultural experiences can make you a strong candidate for an internship. Please contact us to learn more about opportunities that do not have GPA requirements.

What if I already have a job?

An internship is about more than just getting a job. It can be an important learning experience that prepares you to grow in your career. Our Internships and Career Development staff are ready to work with you to determine if having an internship is the best path for you. It can be challenging to balance financial obligations (e.g. taking care of family and paying bills) with gaining new experience that can help you advance in your career. We have a number of paid internship opportunities available that may be able to help you achieve both goals. Please contact us at internships@bhcc.edu to talk more about these options.