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Academic Internships

Did you know you can earn academic credit at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) for an internship? The guidelines and the process vary among the various academic programs, but all academic internships including Learn and Earn academic internships, include a 3-credit course. It is a good first step to speak with your Program of Study department chair about your interest in an academic internship.

Requirements for academic internships

  • You have 10-15 hours a week for at least 10-12 weeks per semester
  • You have completed the pre-requisite classes for your Program of Study 
  • You have at least a 2.7 GPA and completed at least 16-30 credits within your Program of Study (ESL and developmental courses do not count toward the 16-30 credits.)
  • Review your Program Evaluation with an Academic Advisor located in LifeMap Commons E-235
  • Be a student in good academic standing with the college
  • Report your internship in CareerConnect

Step to securing an academic internship

Apply for internships the semester BEFORE you plan to take your internship course. It takes time to find the right internship match, interview, and secure your internship site. All sites need to be approved by the College.

  1. Review course prerequisites. Academic Advisors in LifeMap Commons E-235 are available to help with this step.
  2. Report your internship in CareerConnect.
  3. Meet with your Program of Study Department Chair and Coordinator of Internship Programs to discuss your internship needs and interest.
  4. Create/update your resume with assistance from Career Services staff in LifeMap Commons E-235. To see a current calendar of Resume Workshop offerings log into CareerConnect and click on “Calendar” on the left-hand side.
  5. Upload your Career Center staff reviewed resume into your CareerConnect Student Account.
  6. Search, interview and secure internship site, apply to Learn and Earn and complete all employer pre-screening processes, including background checks.
  7. Plan your next semester’s personal/ academic schedules to prepare to intern the scheduled hours (minimum 150 hours/semester). Academic Advisors in LifeMap Commons E-235 are available to help with this step.
  8. Speak to International Admissions staff and Career Services staff about interest to secure an internship the semester before you plan to take your internship course. (For International Students only)
  9. Submit internship offer letter to Department Chair and Coordinator of Internship Programs for site approval. (only for internship opportunities not found in CareerConnect)
  10. Register & pay for academic internship course (requires signatures of Faculty, Department Chair, or Coordinator of Internship Programs) during Continuing Student Registration period (fall, spring or summer). NOTE: Academic Internship course registration follow Add/Drop policies and deadlines.
  11. Attend a Pre-Internship Orientation before starting your internship. To see when the next orientation is offered, log into your CareerConnect Student Account and click on “Calendar” on the left side navigation.

Below are BHCC Programs of Study with required academic internship courses.
If your Program of Study is not listed here, contact your department chair and speak with an Academic Advisor.