Remote Learning Resources and Tools

Internet Access

In order to engage in distance learning, you may need reliable, high speed internet service.

Resources if you do not have reliable Internet: 


Faculty members may be using WebEx to host virtual, “live” classes or host office hours. WebEx is a video conference tool. You can also use WebEx to host meetups with your classmates if you have to complete a group project, or if you want to study together for a test or class assignment.  

In order to enter the virtual classroom, students may need to login to WebEx. Below are resources that will help you login to your virtual classroom.


Moodle is Bunker Hill Community College’s Learning Management system. All students at BHCC are given a Moodle account. Faculty may use Moodle for the rest of the semester for students to submit homework assignments, download syllabi, complete quizzes, engage in discussion boards and complete other activities. Students can access Moodle on a computer or mobile device.  

Once you’ve logged into Moodle, check out the Student Resource Center under “My Courses” on the right-hand side of your screen. Inside the Student Resource Center, you can navigate to the “Moodle” section of the page and watch video demonstrations of activities inside of Moodle. You can also practice completing some of these tasks on your own. The activities you can learn about include:

  • How to download a course syllabus
  • How to post and reply in discussion forums
  • How to submit assignments
  • How to upload media content
  • And more!

Office 365

Students can use Office 365 to access Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and other programs. As classes move online, professors may ask students to continue writing papers and making presentations for the course. Office 365 is FREE for all BHCC students and can be used to complete these assignments. 

To download Office 365 to your computer, follow the link below:

Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor 

If you are completing quizzes or exams remotely, your instructor may ask you to use Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor. Lockdown Browser prevents internet browsing while you’re taking an exam to prevent cheating. Respondus Monitor records activity of students via webcam while taking the exam. Communicate with your instructor as to whether you need to use this software.

To download Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor, follow the link below:

Backup your Course Work

Make sure to regularly back up your assignments and coursework before submitting them to your professor. You can do this by using 

  1. OneDrive
  2. Google Drive
  3. External Hard drive

If you have questions about how to do this, contact the AIDE office.

IT Support at BHCC

For more IT support, you can visit the Bunker Hill Community College Technology Resource website at

Strategies for Success

Taking online classes requires students to organize in ways that may be different than taking hybrid or in-person classes. Read our tips for BHCC students.


Smarthinking is a free, 24/7, online tutoring service available to BHCC students in various subjects, such as Math and English. You can work one-on-one with a tutor, submit an assignment or an essay for a tutor to review, or post a question for the tutor to answer at a later time. You can access smarthinking through the Student Resource Center.

BHCC Campus Tutoring 

The Writing Place is hosting remote tutoring sessions for the remainder of Spring 2020. For more, please see: 

Process for Registering and Selecting a Tutoring Session at the Writing Place