News Brief

U.S. Secretary of Labor Walsh Appoints Bunker Hill Community College President Pam Eddinger as Chairperson to the Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship

Monday, September 20, 2021

The U.S. Department of Labor announced the appointments of 29 members to serve on the Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship, and provide advice and recommendations on issues related to Registered Apprenticeship. The advisory committee will also promote greater awareness of the benefits of apprenticeship, foster increased alignment between apprenticeship opportunities and workforce and education systems, expand apprenticeship into new industries and occupations, and ensure equity for under-represented populations.

“The Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship represents the combined expertise of leaders across industry and the workforce sector. They will use their collective voices to inspire innovative apprenticeship and training strategies to boost our economy and build an equitable workforce,” said Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh. “The advisory committee’s members will work to generate expansion opportunities for Registered Apprenticeship and to guide efforts to deliver a system that is accessible to all, including black and brown Americans, immigrants, and women.”

Secretary Walsh appointed Bunker Hill Community College President Dr. Pam Eddinger to serve as the committee’s chairperson. “Apprenticeships are a proven learn-while-you-earn method for equipping workers with the skills and knowledge they need to compete and succeed in a growing economy,” said Bunker Hill Community College President Dr. Pam Eddinger. “Working with Secretary Walsh and the members of the National Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship, we can amplify the merits of Registered Apprenticeships and highlight how they can strengthen our nation’s workforce and ensure that under-represented populations share in our country’s prosperity.”

The committee comprises leaders from across the Registered Apprenticeship system including employers, labor management organizations, community colleges, and other institutions. Members serve two- or three-year terms to advise the Secretary on ways to promote greater awareness on the benefits of Registered Apprenticeship, increase their alignment with workforce and education systems, expand Registered Apprenticeships into new industries and occupations, and expand equity for under-represented populations. Representatives from the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Education, Energy, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Health and Human Services serve as ex officio members.

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