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Boston-based Data Company Carbonite Finds Talented Workforce through BHCC and Hack.Diversity

Friday, August 25, 2017

A recent BHCC graduate and member of Hack.Diversity is featured in an article focusing on the importance of a college education for today’s workforce, published by the Boston Globe.

In the article, Mohamad Ali, Chief Executive of Boston-based data backup company Carbonite, talks about his positive experience in expanding his employee search into those with two-year degrees, rather than requiring four-year degrees. Through a partnership with Hack.Diversity, a New England Venture Capital initiative focused on reversing the under-representation of minority talent in Boston's high-skill innovation economy, recent BHCC graduate Eddison Razon was able to first land an internship with Carbonite, and later a full-time position with the company.

Like Eddison, many students at BHCC intern with some of greater Boston’s top corporations while they pursue an associate degree at the College through BHCC’s various internship programs. “Eddison is a smart, eager, personable student,” said Georgina Chevry, Coordinator of Internship Programs at BHCC. “His passion for technology was evident from when I first met him during BHCC’s Hack Diversity recruitment meetings.”

The article reads:

At Carbonite, the Boston-based data backup company, most jobs require a bachelor’s degree, and chief executive Mohamad Ali admits that this filters out many smart, capable people who didn’t go to a four-year school. Like many local tech companies, Carbonite has struggled to fill jobs, and is working with an organization to tap into talent at community colleges and other educational institutions to get them into internships, and, ideally, full-time jobs. The intern who sits across the hall from Ali, Eddison Razon, a native of the Dominican Republic who just finished his associate’s degree at Bunker Hill Community College, landed an IT job at Carbonite through the program.

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