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Patrick Administration Teams with Bunker Hill Community College to Tackle Critical Private and Public Workforce Needs

New Model Degree Program Creates Pipeline to Skilled Jobs at Department of Revenue and Private Industry

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Building upon the Patrick Administration’s agenda to help strengthen the Commonwealth’s community colleges workforce development programs, Revenue Commissioner Amy Pitter today joined Bunker Hill Community College administrators in announcing an innovative degree and certificate program to prepare students for a career in state taxation. As part of the new curriculum, Department of Revenue staff makes presentations on Massachusetts state tax law. Upon successful completion of prerequisite courses, the students may be eligible for a paid internship at DOR.

Tax Degree Press Conference“Utilizing the expertise of public employees to help develop curriculum for a community college-based training program that puts people to work is the latest effort by the Patrick Administration to strengthen the higher education system,” said Glen Shor, Secretary of Administration and Finance. “In addition to the resources and grants Governor Patrick is investing in community colleges, this new curriculum helps address the growing need for skilled workers by public employers.”

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for community college students to gain credits and work experience in an area for which the state has a growing need,” said Higher Education Commissioner Richard M. Freeland. “I am delighted that my colleagues at the Department of Revenue have chosen to pilot this project at Bunker Hill Community College.”

Bunker Hill Community College began offering the new certificate program in the fall. Registration is currently underway for specialized classes within the Business Administration Associate Degree with the Taxation option which begins in January.

“This is a great opportunity for our students,” said BHCC President Pam Eddinger.  “The new internship fits well with other current partnerships that take our students into the workplace for invaluable hands-on experience.”

Commissioner Pitter said DOR reached out to Bunker Hill Community College to help create a rigorous program in the face of a critical shortage of workers. The department will lose more than 500 long-time and skilled employees over the next five years due to retirement or new opportunities.

“This partnership aligns education and training with our workforce needs while creating a clear path to employment for Bunker Hill Community College students who are willing to do the work,” said Commissioner Pitter. “We give students the training that our employees receive and oversee the practical application of their taxation and auditing skills during an internship. This helps create a qualified applicant pool not only for DOR, but for accounting and tax preparation firms as well.”

Commissioner Pitter also noted that Bunker Hill Community College has the students DOR is looking for to help diversify the department’s work force and attract those looking to change careers and acquire mid-level skills for a professional career in taxation.

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