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Bunker Hill Community College Students Honored at Fenway Park

Monday, August 12, 2013

Eleven Bunker Hill Community College students were among the 13 graduates of First Literacy’s program for adult learners to earn special recognition as scholarship winners during pre-game festivities at Fenway Park on July 22. Pam Y. Eddinger, Ph.D., President of Bunker Hill Community College presented the scholarships to the students at a ceremony on the field.

First Literacy scholarships go to adult learners who have completed their basic education or received their GEDs and are beginning or continuing their post-secondary education. The scholarships recognize educational achievement, community service and persistence in the face of hardship.

Scholarship recipients entering BHCC are: Abdelmalik Drief, Selima Endris, Mohamed Janga, Roule Mompoint, Sherrie Thomas, Donna Toscano and Yong Zheng; continuing BHCC students who earned scholarships are: Blanca Gomez, Mark Moses, Roxana Ramirez and Elona Toro.

A nonprofit organization based in Boston, First Literacy is celebrating 25 years of work to improve the lives of adults struggling to enhance their English language skills. Since 1990, more than 400 $1,000 scholarships have been awarded.

“I was delighted and proud to be at historic Fenway Park to honor First Literacy scholarship recipients who have worked so hard for their education,” said Eddinger.

Said Michael Feher, Director of Programs at First Literacy, “It was wonderful awarding our scholarships this year with Dr. Eddinger at Fenway Park. Students felt the solid support of BHCC, the Red Sox and First Literacy.”

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