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Faculty and Advisory Committee

Faculty and Staff

Name Office Telephone E-Mail
Dr. Laurie McCorry, Dean of Science, Engineering, and Health Professions B227-H 617-228-246

Jayne MacPherson, Department Chair Chelsea 617-228-3362

Jane Roman, Professor Chelsea 617-228-3363


2012 Advisory Board

Adjunct Faculty

Fabiola Espinal, Current Student

Rosna  Durang

Iris Restropo, ST Program Graduate

Madalyn Gervasi

Laurie McCorry, School Administrator Joshua Camara

Jayne MacPherson, ST Program Faculty


Arlene Lowenstein,  Public Member

Peter C . DiStefano,  Practicing CST  
Charlotte Gugliemi, Nurse Educator, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center  
Marsha Hopkins, Nurse Manager, Veterans Administration Hospital, Boston  
Dawn Tenney, Director of Surgical Services, Massachusetts General Hospital  
Susan Twardy, Nurse Educator, Brigham and Women’s Hospital  
Thomas White, M.D., Pediatrician