Smart Classrooms

What is a “smart” Classroom?

The technology-enhanced  “smart” classrooms have been designed to create new opportunities in teaching and learning by integrating computer, projector, multimedia and network technology directly into the room.

Bunker Hill Community College has made a considerable financial and philosophical commitment to upgrade the instructional technology installed in classrooms on a continuing basis, adding a number of smart classrooms each year.

Key Assignments

In order to gain access to the smart classroom instructor lectern, users must complete a brief, 20-30 minute orientation session led by a TLiTC staff member whether or not you have taught in a smart classroom at another institution. Following the orientation, we will provide you with a lectern key.

Smart Classroom Policies, Procedures and Responsibilities

If you have been assigned to teach in a SMART classroom, please review the following policies, procedures and responsibilities.  These policies and procedures have been created in an effort to maintain proper operation of the equipment. They include:

  • Once you receive your room assignment, please make arrangements with the TLiTC to schedule a brief smart classroom orientation session prior to your initial scheduled class session.
  • You must obtain a signed Key Request Card from a TLiTC staff member to obtain your lectern key. Lectern keys must be returned to the TLiTC when you leave the institution.
  • Upon obtaining the login password, please do not share your key or login password with anyone.  Legitimate users will be given their own key and password.
  • Do not turn off Master Switch and Projector Switch on the wall.
  • Special requests for custom software installation must be submitted in writing via e-mail to  You must provide a current, valid software license, which will be sent to Technology Support Services (TSS) for confirmation and final approval.  Upon receiving approval from TSS, TLiTC will install the software on your assigned classroom computer for the current semester only.
  • Do not write on the Smart Board surface with Dry Erase (Expo) pens
  • Only use the SMARTBoard eraser on the SMARTBoard surface.  Do not use the SMARTBoard eraser to erase the dry erase whiteboards
  • Place all SMARTBoard electronic pens and eraser back into the proper pen tray location.  Failure to do so will affect the next person scheduled to teach in the room.
  • Be courteous to the next person using the room and erase all whiteboards at the conclusion of your class session.
  • Do not keep personal files on the computer classroom, in fact any files left on the computer will automatically be deleted when they computer restarts.  Save all personal files to your USB “thumb” drive or smart room network (S:) drive
  • Do not Shut Down /Power Off the computer at the end of your class session.  Use the Log off feature only.
  • Be absolutely sure to turn off the ceiling-mounted projector at the end of your class session.  Projector bulbs are very expensive.
  • Make sure to take all of your personal belongings with you. If you leave them behind there is no guarantee that they will be there when you return.
  • Make sure to lock the instructor lectern at the end of your class session.
  • Report any damage or malfunction of equipment to the TLiTC as soon as possible. This will allow us to address the problem in a timely manner.

Where to get help

All of the college’s technology-enhanced smart classrooms are managed and maintained by the Teaching, Learning and Instructional Technology Center.

The TLiTC is located in Building E, in Room 230.  If you experience any problems with the equipment in smart classroom during your class session, please call us at extension 3427 and we will provide assistance.  We also ask that you make every effort to contact us to report any damage or malfunction of equipment as soon as possible. This will allow us to address the problem in a timely manner. There are several ways to report equipment problems.

  • Phone: 617-228-3427
  • E-mail at:
  • Our website at:
  • Our Online Troubleshooting Request Form that you can access, complete the information requested and submit the form directly to us online.  Upon receipt of the form we will work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.