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BHCC Journal: Teaching for our Times

Teaching for Our Times is an annual online, peer-reviewed and open-access journal for the dissemination of best practices in teaching and learning, research and narratives relevant to an urban community college. It is published by the Teaching and Learning Institute (TLI) at Bunker Hill Community College to support and validate the intellectual life of the institution by giving teachers and learners a platform to showcase their work that fosters and promotes effective practices. The journal publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research and technical notes. It seeks to publish work and build a knowledgebase that encourages the community toward a higher level and awareness of scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education with each successive volume.

The theme for Volume 8 of Teaching for Our Times is “COLLECTIVE IMPACT FOR STUDENT SUCCESS.”
Bunker Hill Community College’s student success initiatives are grounded in the institution’s founding vision as a learner-centered, community-engaged innovative campus. The College community recognized early on that the strategies we choose must be a good fit for our diverse local community. Our approaches, grounded in local data and effective practice, are aligned with the institution’s identity and cultural narrative. The challenges and opportunities presented when working with a complex and diverse student, faculty, staff and administrative population necessitates that strategies for inclusion and success be mindful of the ways in which diversity is integrated as a tool for empowerment. The freedom to experiment provides departments and programs opportunities to develop and pilot innovative curricular and co-curricular models and pedagogical approaches, within which inquiry-based professional development serves as a fundamental component to achieving broad engagement and cementing effective practices. Equally essential to our student success initiatives is the collaborative leadership present at all levels of the institution. The theme, “Collective Impact for Student Success,” honors these approaches and provides a platform to further showcase our accomplishments.

Teaching for Our Times invites submissions from all members of the BHCC community. All authors who submit work that adheres to the submission guidelines before the deadline will be guaranteed consideration for the upcoming issue of the journal. Teaching for Our Times: Collective Impact for Student Success is slated for publication August 2017.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: All submissions must reflect at least one of the six elements below:

  • Reciprocal and Sustainable Partnerships
  • Student-centered Design
  • Culturally Relevant and Inclusive Practice   
  • Inquiry- and Evidence-based Practice
  • Holistic & Integrated Student Development  
  • Collaborative Leadership and Innovation

Please send 250-300 word proposal or abstract by Friday September 30th, 2016. The proposal or abstract should include a:

  1. Paper title
  2. Lead contact and additional authors, including a 3-4-sentence bio paragraph for each author.
  3. An abstract or proposal that includes a summary of paper and how it connects to at least one of the six elements.


Time Line
September 1, 2016 Call for Papers
September 30, 2016 Deadline: Proposal Submissions
November 4, 2016 Notification of Selection
December 16, 2016  Deadline: 1st Draft
March 3, 2017 Deadline: 2nd Draft
August 2017 Publish


Acceptance Notification: By submitting your work, you agree that this work has not been previously published and that Teaching for Our Times acquires first serial rights. In addition, Teaching for Our Times may reserve non-exclusive rights to publish a piece in print format. Authors who are accepted for publication will have the opportunity to revise their work and must do so within the timeline presented by the editorial board from the date of acceptance.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.