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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is an elected body of Bunker Hill Community College students that provides the opportunity for students to develop leadership skills. Student Government Association members work in collaboration with the College administration to enhance the quality of student life on campus. The Student Trustee and officers of the Student Government Association are the elected representatives of the student body; elected student officials are expected to be mature individuals who will responsibly fulfill the requirements of their position while maintaining a record of conduct and behavior that demonstrates integrity, civic responsibility, and service to others. 

Their meetings are open and all students are encouraged to take part in the decision-making process. The College requires any student holding or seeking an elected or appointed position in the SGA to continue to make satisfactory academic progress. The SGA develops a proposed annual budget with the Coordinator of Student Activities. The Associate Vice President of Student Services and Dean of Students review the budget proposal. The College President approves the final SGA budget, which is funded with income derived from student fees.

Want to get more involved? Please contact us through Student Activities, D-106H, or email: studentactivities@bhcc.mass.edu. Thank you!