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BHCC Students at Commencement

From Dreams to Degrees

Celebrating the Achievements of the Class of 2023




BHCC celebrated the graduating class of 2023 in May with Massachusetts Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell addressing graduates as the keynote speaker and the recipient of the College’s President’s Distinguished Service Award, given annually to a local leader who exemplifies service to the Bunker Hill community and to the communities the College serves. The ceremony was held at the MGM Music Hall Fenway, the first time in the College’s history that commencement exercises were held off its Charlestown Campus.

President Eddinger and Andrea Campbell

Honoring Exceptional Commitment: President Eddinger recognizes Andrea Campbell with the President's Distinguished Service Award.

In her keynote speech, Campbell urged graduates to cultivate resilience and joy in the face of challenges. “Our young people today are facing so many challenges unlike anything we've seen:social isolation, an ongoing mental health crisis, high costs of living and stagnant wages, technology replacing jobs, school shootings, and repeated acts of senseless violence,” Campbell said. “Just getting to this place today took perseverance, courage, and sacrifice.”

She also described the instability she experienced in her own life, from losing her mother as an infant, her father as a teen, and her brother as a young adult, and said that cultivating a life of purpose helped bring her to where she is today. “Get after that purpose,” Campbell told graduates. "Sometimes to find it and to stand fully in it, you don’t take the frequently traveled road, or even the less traveled one. Instead, you will likely have to buck convention and others’ expectations of you and carve out your own road.”

BHCC Students at Commencement

President Eddinger captures unforgettable moments taking joyous selfies with proud graduates at this year's ceremony.

BHCC President Pam Eddinger presided over the ceremony in which 1,203 graduates were awarded an associate degree or certificate. “All joy is not created equal,” President Eddinger said, underscoring the importance of joy and purpose in their life’s work. “I hope you remember that to discover a purpose and to embrace those outside of yourself is as important as deciding on a career path, or a lucrative line of work. That your joy is as much about economic mobility as it is about selflessness and service.”

Professor of Sociology Carlos Maynard gave the faculty address and celebrated both the diversity and commonalities of the graduates, drawing parallels with his own experience. “I want to remind you that no matter where you might have come from or what you may choose to pursue, know that you have the inner strength and the motivation of family and friends as resources and networks for your journey ahead,” Maynard said. “This journey might have taken you two or more years; and the financial hurdles you encountered, you overcame, just like I once did; and you made it to this day!”

Board Vice Chair R. Kelly Cameron honors Kevin Wery, from the Office of College Events and Cultural Planning, with the prestigious Trustees' Distinguished Service Award.

Board Chair William J. Walczak awards John Chirichiello from the Department of Facilities Planning, Construction, and Energy Management and the Department of Facilities Management with the esteemed Trustees' Distinguished Service Award.

Bunker Hill Community College is the largest of the 15 Community Colleges in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, serving approximately 16,000 students per year, including 600 international students from 94 countries, speaking more than 75 languages

The graduating class of 2023 is 1,203 strong:

  • 389 received Associate of Arts degrees
  • 634 received Associate of Science degrees
  • 172 received certificates
  • 38 graduates were Veterans, Military Personnel, and family members
  • 143 received honors with a GPA of 3.3 or higher
  • 342 received high honors with a GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • 139 received highest honors with a GPA of 3.9 or higher
  • 22 received more than one degree
  • 8 graduates in 2023 received an associate degree earned through BHCC’s Early College programs— finishing high school already with one higher education credential

In addition to the President’s Service Award, Eddinger also presented the President’s Leadership Award to two students:  Jin Li and Cameron Wilson, both members of the Class of 2023. The award is given annually to students who exemplify leadership at the College. The Trustees of the College presented their Distinguished Service Award to three departments for their service throughout the pandemic: the Department of Facilities Planning, Construction and Energy Management, the Department of Facilities Management, and the Office of College Events and Cultural Planning.