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Handouts & FAQs

How to Access the Databases from Home

What Do I Need?

  1. Your BHCC library barcode
  2. Your library password

Where Do I Find My Library Barcode?
Your library barcode is on the back of your BHCC OneCard. It is 14 digits long and begins with a 2.


Library Barcode

If you do not have your OneCard, we can give you a temporary barcode. Bring your temporary ID and a copy of your schedule to the library's Lending Services Desk.

Where Do I Get a Library Password?

If you know your barcode and have an email address in your library account, you can reset your password by email here. If you don’t know your barcode or don’t receive the email, come to the Lending Services Desk in the library.

What Do I Do With This Information?

When you try to use the library databases from home, you will see a page that asks for your barcode and password. Type these in the boxes and press Submit.

Login to Your Account.  Enter your 14-digit library barcode with no spaces, then enter your Library password, then click Log in.  if you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot your password link.

If you log in once, you should stay logged in for a little while. However, if you leave the computer for a long period of time, or if you shut down or put your computer to sleep, you will need to sign in again.

How Do I Get Help?

If you are unable to log into the databases from home, please come in, call, or email us ASAP.

Public Services Desk: 617-228-3479
Lending Services Desk: 617-228-2213
Email: bhcclibrary@bhcc.mass.edu

Usually we can solve the problem quickly, but we won't be here if you're doing your research very late at night or very early in the morning, so it's best to get things fixed as soon as you can.

What Are the Library's Lending Guidelines?

  Borrowing Period Renewals Fine Maximum Fine
Circulating books 14 days Twice, if there are no holds 10¢ per day $10.00 per item
Reserves 2 hours usually though variable none 50¢ per hour $25.00 per item
DVDs 3 days none $1 per day $10.00 per item
Headphones 2 hours none 10¢ per hour $10.00 per item
ILL (Inter-Library Loan) Based on owning library Based on owning library Based on owning library Based on owning library
  • Reference and periodicals are In-Library Use Only.
  • Headphones and Reserves do not leave the library.
  • Overdue notices are generally sent two months after items are first checked out.
  • A book is considered lost if not returned after 90 days.
  • Lost or damaged items are billed to the patron at the replacement cost of the item.

What is the BHCC OneCard?

Your BHCC OneCard is your library card, as well as an ID card. You can:

  1. Use it as your school ID card
  2. Use it to get your financial refund
  3. Use it as your library card

Using it as your library card means you can also:

  1. Borrow books
  2. Request books from other libraries
  3. Access the library databases from home

Information about the financial functions of the BHCC OneCard can be found at BHCCOneCard.com - http://www.bhcconecard.com.

How Do I Get My First OneCard (Student ID Card)?

The OneCard serves as the campus student ID card, library card, and financial aid refund method. All new students should obtain their OneCards within the first five weeks of the semester. To obtain a OneCard, come to the BHCC ID Station and bring the following:

  1. A printout of your registration or class schedule for the current semester.
  2. Current government-issued photo ID (school ID cards from other educational institutions are NOT accepted).

We will take your picture at the ID Station. You will receive your card by mail at the address on file with the college.

View more information about the .

Where Do I Get the Photo For My OneCard?

On the Charlestown campus: Come to the ID Station in E300 (The College's Library) to get your photo taken for your BHCC OneCard.

On the Chelsea campus: photos are taken in the foyer of the Administrative office area, Room 102.

After the photo is taken, your BHCC OneCard will be mailed to your address on file with the Registrar/Enrollment Services.

When Can I Get My Picture Taken?


Do I Need To Bring Anything Special To Get a OneCard?

You need to bring:

  1. A printout of your class schedule/registration for the current semester.
  2. A government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, state ID card, passport, or Green card.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your first OneCard is free. Replacement cards cost $20.00. This fee is assessed by the .

How Long Does It Take To Get My Card?

Your OneCard should arrive in about two weeks.

To check on the status of your card, visit https://www.refundselection.com and click on "Where's my refund selection kit?"

What Do I Do After the Card Comes In the Mail?

When you receive the card, sign the back.  You can also activate if you would like by going to BHCCOneCard.com.

I Got My Picture Taken a Long Time Ago But Haven't Received My Card. What Do I Do?

Bring your Temporary ID handout paperwork (Temporary ID sheet + printed copy of your class schedule) and please speak to a librarian at the Lending Services Desk.  

The librarian can check on your card and order a new one if necessary.

I Need a New Card. What Do I Do?

If you have activated your card, sign into your account and request a new one or call BankMobile Support using the number on the back of the card.

If you have not activated the card, come to the Library and ask to speak to a Librarian who will be able to order you a replacement card.

How Do I Get a Library Password?

Go to the Lending Services Desk at the Library. We can automatically generate a password for you.

If you have an email address in your library account, you can reset your password yourself. Visit https://bunkerhill.noblenet.org/eg/opac/password_reset and follow the instructions.

What Do I Use the Library Password For?

Your library password allows you to access the library databases from home and log into your library account.

To log into your library account:

  1. Go to the library catalog.
  2. On the right, click Your Account Log In.
  3. Enter your library card number or username and your password.

When you log in with a library password, you can:

  1. Change your password to anything you want.
  2. See the items you have checked out.
  3. Renew items online.
  4. Place a hold online.

Log in to your Library Account.

Distance Learner Applications

Students taking only distance/online courses can get a library barcode and password without having to come to campus for a picture or a OneCard. If you are a distance student, please fill out the application below and send it to bhcclibrary@bhcc.mass.edu

Distance Learning Application (DOCX) or Distance Learning Application (PDF)

Identification Station Policies

Only trained BHCC Library and Learning Commons staff are allowed to issue ID cards. Photographs are taken, and cards are issued at set times during the week; please see the .

For a list of accepted government IDs, please see the following website: https://higherone.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2635.


For students:

New Bunker Hill Community College students should obtain their student ID cards (OneCards) within the first five weeks of a new semester.

To do so, please be prepared to show a copy of your current schedule and a current government-issued photo ID. The ID Station attendant will take your picture, and you will receive your card in the mail.   When you receive the card, sign the back.  You can also activate if you would like by going to BHCCOneCard.com. The OneCard remains the property of the college and must be presented to any college official upon request.

If you had a picture taken but did not receive your OneCard, or if you need a new or replacement card, please speak to a librarian at the Lending Services Desk.

In addition, students should verify their OneCards within the first five weeks of a new semester. To do so, visit the Lending Services Desk and ask the staff member to verify that your card and expiration date are current. If you need a library password, you may obtain one at this time.

For faculty and staff:

Bunker Hill Community College faculty and staff members should also obtain an ID card upon starting work at the college. Please be prepared to fill out a short application and show a current government-issued photo ID.

Information Handling Policy

The identification data of BHCC students, faculty, and staff members may be made available and/or accessible to other college departments and law enforcement as needed. Bunker Hill Community College uses a variety of third-party vendors with whom it holds joint agreements that may involve information sharing.

The college may disclose all of the information collected at the ID Station to one or more of these vendors and/or other parties in performance of law enforcement activities, marketing, and/or other services on behalf of the college. Any request for information about campus community members or ID card holders, including but not limited to name, photograph, or ID number, should be referred to the Library Director.