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Gas Utility Technology Degree Option Program

Gas Utility Technology workers

Earn more than just a degree

Get the training you need for a career in the gas utility industry. The demand for gas utility professionals is at an all-time high in New England, and is expected to continue to grow. The Gas Utility Technology Degree Option Program at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC), created in collaboration with Feeney Brothers Utility Services, gives students an opportunity to gain real-world job experience at the Boston area’s most qualified and diversified utility contractor while they earn their degree.

This five-semester program of study includes a paid summer internship with Feeney Brothers Utility Services and two four-week paid work experiences during winter breaks for students who maintain a C or higher in the Gas Utility Technology courses.

After completing this degree option, students receive an associate in science degree and will have the experience and qualifications they need to launch a career in gas utility construction. Graduates of the program in good standing at Feeney Brothers will have guaranteed career placement at Feeney Brothers with the chance of rapid advancement.

Careers and Salaries

During summer break, students in the Gas Utility program participate in a paid internship at Feeney Brothers Utility Services while they complete a for-credit internship course. Over both winter breaks, students participate in four-week paid work experiences. Students work full-time for $16/hour, with available overtime hours at time and a half.

Successful graduates of the Gas Utility Technology Degree Option Program at BHCC will have the option of full-time employment at Feeney Brothers, or they will also be well-qualified for careers at other utility companies.

The current starting salary for laborers in Massachusetts ranges from $32,000 - $45,000, with additional compensation for overtime.
There are opportunities for advancement to Gas Utility Operator ($46,000-$80,000), Gas Utility Foreman ($50,000-$90,000) and Gas Utility Supervisor ($52,000-$95,000).

Want to learn more?

Spend some time exploring the BHCC campus and engage with a career advisor during an information session and campus tour. Learn about the Gas Utility Technology Degree Option Program, the application process, and everything you need to get started. The information session and an optional campus tour will take approximately 45 minutes. See the information session schedule on this page for dates and times. 

Ready to apply?

The Gas Utility Technology Degree Option Program is a selective admissions program that admits up to 36 students each semester. To apply:

  • Learn more and get your questions answered at an information session.
  • Apply online to BHCC. During the BHCC application process, you’ll need to provide an official transcript from high school and any previous colleges and universities attended.
  • Take the College Placement Test (CPT) at BHCC’s Assessment Center located at the Charlestown Campus. Gas Utility Technology applicants must test into college-level math and English or submit proof that this requirement has been met by previous coursework.
  • Attend an orientation session at BHCC for more information and next steps.

Once accepted to the Gas Utility Degree Option Program, you'll need to apply to Feeney Brothers Utility Services. Feeney Brothers requires students to undergo a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) background check, pass drug and alcohol screenings and pass a strength test. Any student who fails any of these will be ineligible to enroll in the Gas Utility Technology Degree Option Program curriculum. 

Academic Progress

To continue in the Gas Utility Technology Degree Option Program, students must earn a C or better in the six Gas Utility Technology prefix courses and remain in good academic standing. Students are also required to pass random drug and alcohol screening tests required by Feeney Brothers. Any student who fails to comply with these requirements will be ineligible to continue in the program and will have no further access to the facilities or courses offered at Feeney Brothers Utility Services. BHCC faculty and staff can provide counseling to any former Gas Utility Technology Degree Option student to enable him or her to choose another program of study at the College. 

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