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Preparing for the CPT

You can prepare for the test by reviewing reading comprehension, sentence skills and mathematics practice questions and review sites.

This test is unlike the MCAS; therefore, reviewing sample test questions to become familiar with the test will help you perform better.

Sample CPT Questions

Reading Comprehension

This test measures a student's ability to understand what is read.

  • In the Sentence Relationship Questions, two sentences are followed by a question or a statement. Students should read the sentences, then choose the best answer to the question or the best completion of the statement.
  • Narrative Questions ask students to read the statement or passage and then choose the best answer to the question. Answers should be based on what is stated or implied in the passage.

Take the Reading Comprehension Sample Test

Sentence Skills

This test measures a student's understanding of sentence structure, how sentences are put together and what makes a sentence complete and clear.

  • In the Sentence Correction Questions, students select the best version of the underlined part of the sentence. The first choice is the same as the original sentence. If the reader thinks the original sentence is best, the first one should be chosen.
  • In the Construction Shift Questions, students will be asked to rewrite the sentence in their heads. The new sentence should be well written and should have essentially the same meaning as the original sentence.

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The math test consists of two parts. The Elementary Algebra Test is given first. Students scoring well on that test will be given the College Level Math Test. Students scoring lower in elementary algebra will be given the Arithmetic Test.

  • The Arithmetic Test measures the student's ability to perform basic arithmetic operations and to solve problems that involve fundamental arithmetic concepts, specifically fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • The Elementary Algebra Test measures a student's ability to perform basic algebraic operations and to solve problems that involve elementary algebraic concepts.
  • The College-Level Math Test measures a student's ability to solve problems that involve college-level mathematics concepts such as algebraic operations and solution of equations and inequalities.

Take the Mathematics Sample Test Mathematics Sample Test

Additional Practice Tests:

The Accuplacer Student Website explains the test and has sample questions. Please note: BHCC does not use the Writeplacer test.  Visit the Accuplacer Student Website

Tutorial Websites:


Sentence Skills:
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Accuplacer Tests are broken down into these specific content areas:


Percentage of Test (approximation)

Reading Comprehension  
Identifying Main Ideas 12-25
Direct Statements/Secondary Ideas 12-40
Inferences 12-40
Applications 12-25
Sentence Relationships 24-29
Sentence Skills  
Recognizing Complete Sentences 30-40
Coordination/Subordination 30-40
Clear Sentence Logic 30-40
Whole Numbers and Fractions 31-44
Decimals and Percents 31-38
Applications and Problem Solving 25-31
Elementary Algebra  
Signed Numbers and Rationals 8-17
Algebraic Expressions 42-67
Equations, Inequalities, and Word Problems 17-50
College-Level Mathematics  
Algebraic Operations 20
Solutions of equations and Inequalities 15
Coordinate Geometry 15
Functions 20
Trigonometry 20
Applications and Other Algebra Topics