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About the CPT

The CPT is very important, as it determines your English, math and reading course placements and may exempt you from certain classes. By assessing a student’s level of proficiency in English, reading and mathematics, the CPT helps students plan an appropriate schedule of course work. You can prepare for the test by reviewing reading comprehension, WritePlacer, and mathematics practice questions and review sites.  This test is unlike the MCAS; therefore, reviewing sample test questions to become familiar with the test will help you perform better.

In addition to our college-level courses, the College has a series of developmental courses for students who need some additional foundational work in English, math or reading. The CPT will place students either into college-level courses or developmental courses or a combination of the two.

When students complete testing, they receive a report that includes the placement results for each section of the test that is completed. Placement results are generally available immediately upon completion of the test. Accepted (degree and certificate seeking) students will also be able to access these placement results in the Test Summary section of Student Planning in their MyBHCC account (log on information for MyBHCC is provided to accepted students on their acceptance letter).

Retesting Policy

Students currently enrolled in Academic ESL, English, Reading, or Math courses may not retest while they are currently enrolled in classes, but they may retest once at the end of the semester after grades have been posted. English, reading and math scores are valid for placement and application purposes for two years.

Accuplacer Study Guides for English and Math tests

Study guides for the following tests can be found on the Accuplacer website.

  • Next Generation Arithmetic
  • Next Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions
  • Next Generation Reading
  • WritePlacer
  • WritePlacerESL